Marine Biologist/Fisheries Observer – WA/AK

Techsea International, Inc.
Seattle/Alaska (Point of hire is Seattle)
Job Category
Full time Positions
$4,258 - $6,661 per month
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Job Training To become a certified observer applicants must participate in a comprehensive three-week program. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the first two weeks of the training will be virtual and can be done from home. A third week will be in person in Seattle. Deployments will begin in mid to late June. The curriculum includes safety while at sea, sampling methodologies, species identification, and data documentation requirements. It also provides information regarding fisheries management, pertinent fishing regulations, and life as an observer. Attendance Full participation in exercises, and a passing score on exams are necessary to successfully complete the classroom portion. In addition, trainees must be able to don an immersion suit in less than one minute and enter the water and climb into a floating life raft while wearing the suit. Life as an Observer Working as an observer is adventurous and rewarding. Observers have the opportunity to experience life at sea and the beautiful scenery of coastal Alaska. The work is physically and mentally demanding. Rough seas are common, bouts of seasickness can be uncomfortable, and the environment can be cold and wet. Limited onboard space makes living and working conditions relatively cramped. Most trips last from one day to a couple of weeks, although some vessels go to sea for several weeks. Many vessels fish 24 hours a day, resulting in erratic and unpredictable work periods and irregular sleeping schedules. Daily activities may include heavy lifting (up to 80 lbs), climbing ladders, and working on rolling, slippery decks. There may be minimal access to phones, computers and mail. In the event of an emergency, advanced medical assistance may not be readily available. Observers can take pride in the knowledge that their work is essential to effective fisheries management in the North Pacific. To Apply: For more information:
Mandatory Requirements - Bachelor's degree in natural sciences - Thirty semester hours or equivalent in applicable biological sciences - One course with extensive use of dichotomous keys in at least one course - One college-level course each in math and statistics - No limitations that will interfere with performance of duties - Competent computer skills Paid training and employer provided housing during training and while on contract. Travel to and from Alaskan work sites provided.
Contact Person
Troy Quinlan
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