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Looking for a resume building experience? Looking to explore options in science and conservation? As one of the leading marine conservation nonprofit organizations of Belize, Reef Conservation International (ReefCI) provides that opportunity for you. ReefCI is on the front lines battling to preserve and protect the Belize Barrier Reef. Unfortunately, the reef is under threat from poor fisheries management, climate change, plastic pollution, and invasive species. ReefCI currently partners with nonprofits, NGO’s and the Belize Department of Fisheries, working under a research license, to combat these issues. Since 2004, ReefCI has relied on dedicated conservationists and environmentally conscious students, interns, and eco-tourists from around the world who have contributed their time and effort to protect the second largest reef ecosystem in the world. ReefCI trips are a unique opportunity to scuba dive and protect the marine environment by directly participating in our ongoing marine conservation projects! Everyone contributes regardless of their experience – we certify new divers too!

Our ongoing marine conservation projects that you will participate in include:
• Spearfishing for the invasive lionfish
• Reef check surveys
• Queen conch surveys
• Coral watch data collection
• Lobster surveys
• Whale Shark watch
• Fish and coral identification dives

The main elements of our program include:
• Monitoring and surveying experience of a broad spectrum of research methodologies
• Comprehensive knowledge of Caribbean fish, invertebrates and coral species
• In-depth understanding of threats to the local marine environment
• Invasive species (lionfish) mitigation experience
• Experience in working with Belize Fisheries Department
• Learn to dive or further your PADI dive qualifications (dive research protocol)
• Individual contribution/chapter in ReefCI’s published Annual report
• Practical insight into Marine Park Management and liaising with fisheries officers

We are located on a small, private Caribbean island on the Belize Barrier Reef. The diving is incredible and we never share a dive site! We leave for the island on Monday morning and return on Friday. So, you will need to arrive and depart Belize during the weekend. Most of our volunteers arrive on Sunday and leave the following Saturday, depending on what else they may wish to do in Belize or how many weeks they are staying with us.

Please note that this is not a paid position. Cost to volunteers is $665 USD per week. Price includes the following:
• All diving including recreational diving, typically 2-3 dives a day (subject to weather conditions)
• Private ‘castaway’ island stays at Tom Owens Caye (a 1.5 acre island on the reef!)
• Accommodation on the island
• All meals on the island
• Diving equipment (mask, snorkel, wetsuit, booties, dive watches and computers not provided)
• All training in survey techniques and methodologies We happily provide all volunteers and inters with a certificate of completion and a letter of reference upon request. Upon completion, participants will have gained the necessary basic skills in marine conservation work (marine surveys, data collection, dive research protocol, invasive species mitigation) to seek employment in marine conservation or further their studies.
No qualifications are necessary. ReefCI is a unique opportunity to learn about the marine environment and to help protect and conserve this precious resource while learning all about marine conservation work by doing it! Everyone makes a contribution regardless of their background and experience. Please note that this is not a paid position. Cost to volunteers is $665 USD per week.

To apply - email and let him know you are interested in applying.
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