Marine Science Instructor and Program Leader

Broadreach Adventures, LLC
Locations are determined by specific program, but could include St Martin, Curacao or Fiji
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Broadreach marine science courses combine a college curriculum with adventure to create dynamic learning experiences. High school and college students can earn college credit while traveling with a small group of peers to the Caribbean, Curacao, and Fiji. Students participate in lectures, discussions, scuba diving and field research, as well as activities that build leadership and teamwork. Our goal is that students gain new skills, new friends and have more fun learning than they ever thought possible. Broadreach Instructors are expected to educate, mentor and inspire students every day. This is a 24/7 position with limited free time or personal space. Broadreach instructors also need to be energetic and empathetic role models who excel in building meaningful relationships with young adults. Managing health and safety, maintaining a positive attitude through challenging circumstances, leading games, participating in service-learning activities, teaching, developing students’ personal growth, facilitating inclusive group dynamics and demonstrating respectful travel are just a few of the many responsibilities of a Broadreach instructor. Broadreach Summer Adventures are fun, rewarding and demanding. Each course is approximately three weeks long and is mentally and physically challenging. Our most successful instructors are positive, flexible, team players who are able to create a fun, cohesive and supportive community. Groups typically have 8 – 14 students and 2 – 3 Broadreach Instructors. Contracts range from three to eight weeks from early June through mid-August. If you’re looking for a marine science job for the summer, consider submitting an application!
PhD or master’s degree in marine science or a related field of study. Scuba diving experience. Ability to teach a college-level marine science course using experiential education methodologies, hands-on activities, field research, labs, surveys and demonstrations. Experience teaching marine science at a high school or college level is ideal. Experience facilitating groups of young adults and positive group dynamics. A passion for mentoring and inspiring students. Physically fit and able to actively participate in adventure activities such as scuba diving, hiking, snorkeling, rafting, etc. Strong organizational and multitasking skills to help manage program expenses, a budget, student documents and logistics. Demonstrated success working on diverse teams with a collaborative mindset. Great communication skills. Significant international travel experience. Able to attend training in Raleigh, N.C. starting in late May. Availability from early June to mid-August increases chance of placement.
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