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The Congo Marine technical advisor will be responsible for coordinating project partners and key stakeholders to design, evaluate and implement a national marine spatial plan and fisheries action plan. As such the Congo Marine technical advisor will serve as the focal point leading on the coordination, implementation, reporting and evaluation of project activities (e.g. training, marine/fisheries research, stakeholder workshops) designed to strengthen national capacity and increase collaboration between partner institutions and government agencies. The Congo Marine technical advisor will also be responsible for enhancing existing relationships by responding to requests to provide technical, analytical and operational support to Direction of Fisheries for the analysis of vessel monitoring system (VMS) data, and the development of a fisheries licences and infraction database to strengthen fisheries monitoring control and surveillance programs. This successful candidate will work closely with other WCS country programs in Central Africa (e.g. Gabon and Equatorial Guinea) to harness lessons learned and build regional cooperation to better manage shared fisheries resources. The Congo Marine technical advisor will be involved in a broad portfolio of activities with particular focus on project management, coordination of partners, research, fundraising in the Republic of Congo. The position will be based in Pointe Noire (economic capital and coastal city) with regular travel to Brazzaville (capital city and WCS Congo HQ) and will report to the WCS-Congo Country Program Director. The position will work closely with key stakeholders and project partners. The key governmental partners include the Ministry of Forestry (MEF), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MAEP) as well as established local non-governmental organsiation and research institutions that include Renatura and the University of Exeter. PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES The Congo Marine technical advisor will be expected to:  Support a team of government and other NGO partners in the design, evaluation and implementation of a marine spatial plan.  Maintain regular communication between all project partners and strengthen the relationship and collaboration between WCS and government agencies – notably Ministries of Fisheries, Forestry Economy, Environment and Hydrocarbons.  Identify, and coordinate training and workshops for key stakeholders to build national capacity, and support more effective marine spatial planning, fisheries resource management and enforcement efforts.  Coordinate and support the design of a national fisheries strategy, as well as a national plan of action to address illegal unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing with the Direction of Fisheries.  Strengthen the implementation and reporting capacity of existing fisheries monitoring control and surveillance programs (law enforcement patrols) through the provision of technical training and operational/logistical support, including the capacity to use analytical tools such as vessel monitoring system (VMS) data, law enforcement monitoring software and GPS/real-time tracking capability. This support will be provided to the Direction of Fisheries and other appropriate agencies.  Provide technical assistance to the Direction of Fisheries to establish a database to manage and monitor fisheries licenses and infractions to increase transparency in the fishing sector.  Support the extension of existing marine protected area (Conkouati-Douli NP) and collaborate with relevant partners on the creation of Loango Bai National Park managed by UNEP and MEF.  Develop work plans, budgets, and terms of reference for project staff as needed.  Provide regular technical and financial reports related to delivery of project activities.  Develop suitable partnerships to assist in implementing and supporting the research and monitoring program.  Representing the WCS Congo program national and internationally, by participation in relevant marine conservation events  Maintaining linkages to WCS regional initiatives in Central Africa and to the WCS Marine Program in New York  Participate in the search of additional funding sources to ensure the sustainability of the marine program in RoC SALARY AND BENEFITS Salary and benefits will be commensurate with experience. WCS PROGRAM BACKGROUND The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has played an active role in biodiversity conservation in the Republic of Congo since 1980. For over 20 years, WCS have assisted the Government in protecting wildlife and managing key habitats in national parks, reserves, and buffer zones. WCS has been internationally recognized for its innovative collaborations with forestry companies working in the peripheral zone of the Nouabale-Ndoki National Park, promoting the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources outside protected areas.
QUALIFICATIONS, SKILLS, AND EXPERIENCE Applicants should be able to demonstrate that they have the following: Masters or PhD degree, and experience in conservation biology and/or natural (fisheries) resource management. Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience working in Africa or other developing nations on resource management projects. Excellent command of French and a good grasp of English are essential. Proven experience and technical competency in up-to-date scientific approaches and methodologies, such as marine spatial planning, and fisheries management. Fully computer literate and familiar with advanced statistical, GIS and database management software packages, such as Microsoft access, ArcGIS / QGIS. . Experience of analysing and interpreting fisheries vessel monitoring, control and surveillance data preferable. Proven experience in project management and implementation (e.g. managing budgets, staff, and liaising with government). Strong communications and presentation skills are essential, including strong technical writing skills and demonstrated ability to communicate to a wide range of audiences across different cultures. Excellent organizational capacity, excellent interpersonal and networking skills, and a willingness to work as part of a dynamic team that includes government, industry, local NGOs and research institutions in a multicultural context. Proven experience of writing and receiving funding/research grants in the fields of conservation biology and natural resource management. The candidate must be flexible and able to work effectively under pressure and meet deadlines. Applicants should be committed to conservation and to the mission of the Wildlife Conservation Society. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15th November 2017 Interested candidates, who meet the above qualifications, skills and experience, should apply by emailing a detailed application/cover letter and CV together with the names and contact information of three references to: Please include “Congo Marine technical advisor, Central Africa” in the subject line of your email. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews. If you have any queries related to this position please contact:
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