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Tennessee Tech University
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Master's or PhD training opportunities in the Rahnama Lab at TN Tech University in Molecular Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Mycology, and Molecular Genetics for Spring and Fall 2024. Funding through teaching or research assistantships/fellowships is available. Projects of need: 1. Chromosomal structure and dynamics in the fungal genome evolution and adaptation. 2. Molecular mechanisms involved in the emergence and distribution of new diseases. 3. Using fungi as natural pesticides 4. Possibility of additional projects depending on interest. Dr. Rahnama uses an interdisciplinary approach to study complex fungal-host interactions by combining advanced genomics techniques, such as CRISPR and DNA/RNA-seq (Illumina and Nanopore technologies), with computational methods. He is very willing to train students who are eager and able to learn new skills. Tennessee Technological University is an intermediate-sized university that promotes strong connections between students and their advisors. TN Tech is located in Cookeville, TN, with a vibrant, growing downtown with locally-owned businesses. Cookeville residents have easy access to the outdoors through several local state parks and natural areas and quick access to metropolitan areas with Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga with 1.5 hours driving. For any questions or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Rahnama directly at
The applicants must have: - Strong analytical skills, critical and lateral thinking. - Strong communication skills in the group and with collaborators. - Undergraduate degree in Biology, Computer Sciences or related majors. In addition, the applicants are recommended to have a background in the following topics: - Working in the molecular genetics - Programming skills in languages such as Python and R and Shell script
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Mostafa Rahnama
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