Master of Science opportunity related to non-native species in Florida

University of Florida, Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory
Ruskin, FL (near Tampa)
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
$24,000 with annual increase; anticipated for 2.5 years, contingent upon continued funding
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Description: We are looking for an MS student starting January 2022 to lead a project focused on biocontrol of the non-native tropical clawed frog. This species is currently expanding its range in Riverview, Florida and could ultimately threaten much of the Florida Peninsula. Biocontrol relies upon competitors or predators of the target non-native species. Thus, the student will introduce eastern mosquitofish, a native species, to ephemeral ponds used as breeding sites for the tropical clawed frog. Pilot studies suggest tropical clawed frog tadpoles are highly vulnerable to the aggressive mosquitofish. The student will also evaluate the effects of mosquitofish biotic resistance on the egg and tadpole stages of the tropical clawed frog using experimental, replicated, indoor, biosecure mesocosms. Mesocosms will be used to provide a causative explanation for the observations, that is, the lack of breeding in permanent water bodies with established mosquitofish populations. The project could also involve surveys of landowners (i.e., attitudes about biocontrol) or population modeling.
Qualifications: A Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis on herpetology, fisheries, ecology, aquatic biology, ichthyology, or similar discipline. A demonstrated ability to conduct research and effectively communicate (oral and written). The candidate must be highly motivated and able to interact with a diverse group of laboratory staff, collaborators, and state agency personnel in a cordial manner. Strong work ethic. Application instructions: applicants should submit via email ( AND the following documents: 1) a short cover letter outlining interest in the position, qualifications, and career goals, 2) curriculum vitae, 3) copies of unofficial transcripts, 4) contact information for references. Review of applicants will begin immediately and continue until filled.
Contact Person
Quenton Tuckett; Jeffrey Hill
Contact eMail
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