Master’s Assistantship – invasive waterfowl ecology and management , Arkansas

Arkansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
~ $20,000
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Last Date to Apply
I am looking for a Master’s student with a collaborative spirit, a creative mind, and a strong interest in invasive species ecology and management. The student will lead a 2 year project to assess current and potential impacts of invasive waterfowl on Arkansas and North American ecosystems. This project will consist of 1) a literature review / meta-analysis of invasive waterfowl impacts on ecosystem services (with a focus on Egyptian Goose) and 2) quantifying an aspect of Egyptian Goose population ecology (e.g., distribution, abundance, dispersal) in Arkansas. Depending on the student’s and project collaborators’ interests, the population ecology portion of the project could entail field work. The student and I will co-produce this research and create products (e.g., scientific articles, white papers, extension articles, etc.) with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. Research products have the opportunity to directly inform Arkansas invasive species management and public communications. The student’s stipend will be paid via a teaching assistantship at the University of Arkansas, Department of Biological Sciences in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This will require teaching approximately 3 labs per week. The student will not be required to teach in the summer. Tuition will be waived.
Required qualifications: - Strong organizational, leadership, and communication skills to co-produce and conduct a research project with numerous collaborators (e.g., natural resource agencies, university faculty, private land owners, etc.). - Willingness to learn quantitative methods to manage and rigorously analyze data. - Commitment to publish peer-reviewed scientific articles and present research at conferences. - Fortitude to work in challenging field conditions (e.g., heat, humidity, cold, rain, etc.). - An undergraduate degree from a natural resources, biology, ecology, wildlife, agronomy, or closely-related program. - Suitable undergraduate grades and GRE scores per University of Arkansas Graduate School requirements ( - Experience working on at least 1 previous field and/or research job. - A valid US driver’s license or ability/willingness to obtain one. - Commitment to principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. To apply, please email me your: - CV (which should include previous work experience in the wildlife field and/or research fields, contact info for 3 references, undergraduate GPA, and GRE scores). - A cover letter detailing 1) interests and experience and 2) how these interests and experiences will translate to being a successful graduate student and project leader. - Please mark the subject of your application email as “M.S. position application.” Email to
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Caleb Roberts
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