Master’s Assistantship – Wildlife Camera Study – Arkansas

Arkansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
~$20,000 / year
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
I am looking for a Master's student to join my lab and lead a 2 year project using wildlife cameras to document mammal community changes along an urban to rural gradient. The student will be responsible for working closely with private and public land owners and managers to gain access to a number of study sites ranging from urban Fayetteville to remote sites in the Ozarks. The student will be responsible for deploying, managing, maintaining, and downloading data from a large number of cameras (>100) simultaneously at a minimum of 10 field sites. The student will conduct occupancy analyses and apply various analytical models to compare community composition and species density between sites. Most field work will be conducted in Oct - March over 2 field seasons. The position will begin at the start of the Fall 2021 semester at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. The student will be placed on a research assistantship for 4 semesters and have summer salary covered. Interested candidates should email me their CVs which should include previous work experience in the wildlife field, contact info for 3 references, undergraduate GPA, and GRE scores. A cover letter detailing interests and experience is encouraged. The application deadline is in June but I'll be reviewing applications as they come in. This should be a fun project and I'm looking for someone with a passion for wildlife studies and strong curiosity to make the most of this large dataset.
Applicants should have: - Experience working on at least 1 previous field job. - Strong organizational and communication skills to be able to lead a field project and work smoothly with numerous land owners and agencies. - Strong undergraduate grades and a degree from a natural resources, biology, ecology or wildlife program. - Suitable GRE scores - Willingness to learn complex analytical methods to rigorously analyze data
Contact Person
Brett DeGregorio
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