Master’s in Ecology DEI Fellowship: Gunnison, CO

Western Colorado University
Gunnison, CO
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Western Colorado University’s MS in Ecology believes representation of all human communities in the field of ecology leads to innovation and novel insight into ecological processes, improves their application to management and conservation, and ensures their relevance to humanity. We are committed to providing a robust graduate level education including rigorous research that addresses increasingly critical ecological issues. Diversity, equity, and inclusivity enrich learning and inform and improve how we conduct science.  Western’s MS in Ecology program is offering a fellowship that covers full tuition for a student who brings diversity to our field and who is committed to aiding our program in facilitating inclusivity and innovation. An additional cost-of-living stipend is also available. The scholarship will be awarded to promote diversity of race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, presence of disabilities, internationalization, and/or educational (e.g., 1st-generation students) and socioeconomic background in the field of ecology. Our program engages a new kind of scientist: one whose ability to perform research with immediate relevance for solving problems is matched by their skills in collaborating with affected communities to produce accessible, socially just, and scientifically relevant results for utilization by agency scientists and natural resource managers, both policy-makers, and the public while also striving for inclusivity within the scientific community. There are two paths available to students in the program (Ecology and Conservation or Fisheries and Wildlife), both of which prepare students for a rich career in the field. To apply to the MS in Ecology Program and to this fellowship, please upload a 1-2 page statement when applying ( that describes how receiving this fellowship will aid in enabling your educational journey and commitment to the field of ecology and aid the MS program in achieving our commitment to DEI.
Bachelors degree in Biology, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies or related field, undergraduate coursework in Ecology and Statistics.
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Jonathan Coop
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