Master’s Student – NE Spotted Skunk Survey: Omaha

UNiversity of Nebraska at Omaha
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I am looking for a Master’s student to conduct a spotted skunk survey in the state of Nebraska. This project is funded by the Nebraska Game and Parks and includes money for supplies, some travel costs, and a student research assistantship for one year (with the possibility of an additional semester of research assistantship). Students would have financial support for a total of 2 years (4 semesters) and any semesters that are not supported through the grant's research assistantship will be in the form of a teaching assistantship. This trapping effort will allow us to find localized populations that have remained largely unknown to biologists for decades. These data will inform Nebraska’s Heritage Program ranking of this species and will provide a foundation for the next step in conserving this species. The student who does this project will be expected to drive to field sites to place trail cameras and track plates and to check these in a timely manner. This will require extensive driving to field sites and potentially working alone (although undergraduate, and Game and Parks help is possible). Camera and track plate sampling will take place across one year in several locations around the state. OBJECTIVES 1. Deploy 30 camera traps and 20 track plates throughout the state 2. Map habitat parameters within one (1) mile of camera traps and track plates. 3. Develop a habitat suitability model and/or landscape feature analysis of spotted skunks and other species captured by the cameras and track plates. For additional information please contact Dr. James A. Wilson, Department of Biology, University of Nebraska at Omaha ( Students interested in this Master’s program should visit the prospective graduate studies website: Be aware that the application deadline for Summer 2021 or Fall 2021 is February 15, 2021.
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James Wilson
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