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University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, LA, USA
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I am seeking a Master of Science student to work on a partially-funded project examining the mechanical performance of mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis), with a start date of July 1, 2023. This applied project will test how interacting ecological and anthropogenic threats to coastal Louisiana scale up to affect whole-animal functions including swimming and feeding. This 1-year project must be completed by June 2024. Beyond that, further research goals utilizing this system may be added and are flexible if desired and depending on student goals. External funding through June 2024 covers 6 months of salary at $1,800/month, including 1 semester of Research Assistantship (RA) and tuition as well as 1 summer month of salary. The RA can be taken either in Fall 2023 or Spring 2024 depending on experience and degree of training needed. Remaining semesters will be covered using Teaching Assistantships ($1,450/month salary + tuition) unless additional external funding is received. Health insurance is not provided. The application process consists of 3 steps: 1. Before applying, interested applicants should review the requirements of the Master’s program in biology (see link below). GRE scores are no longer required. If the program’s minimal requirements are met, email Dr. Emily Kane at with a CV, a brief statement of prior experience and goals for receiving a MS degree, and availability within the subsequent 2 weeks. 2. I will set up a virtual meeting to further discuss expectations with acceptable applicants. This meeting should last approximately 1 hour. 3. The strongest 1-2 applicants will be encouraged to apply for the thesis track Master of Science in Biology. The target date for application submission is February 28, 2023. Applications will then be reviewed by the Graduate School, who will determine final acceptance. Department of Biology: Master’s program: How to apply:
Applicants with an interest in examining multiple simultaneous tradeoffs, as well as with prior skills or experience in more than one of the following specific areas are preferred. Applicants are not expected to have prior experience with all areas. • Fish care in high density lab situations • Swim tunnel operation • Endurance, sprint, and/or other swimming performance in fish (highly preferred) • High speed videography and kinematic analysis • General linear model statistical analysis
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Emily Kane
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