Mexican Wolf Technicians Arizona and New Mexico

US Fish and Wildlife Service
Arizona and New Mexico
Job Category
Volunteer Openings
Volunteers receive a travel reimbursement of $59/day camp rate, and an NGO grant of $400/month, and free housing
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Major Duties: The volunteer will perform a variety of tasks in support of the Mexican wolf recovery project. Team members must be excellent and open communicators, team oriented, and adaptable to the dynamic nature of the program. This is primarily a field-based opportunity (90%). Duties MAY include the following: • Monitoring wolf distribution and occurrence (using track identification , scat ID, and howling surveys) • Conducting radio-telemetry (by vehicle or hiking, or assisting with aerial telemetry) using receivers and H-antenna to monitor the locations and movements of radio collared wolves. Telemetry skills also involve using a map, compass and GPS to triangulate and plot wolf locations. Previous experience with radio-telemetry is a strong plus. • Livestock/wolf conflict management activities such as hazing wolves using non-lethal munitions (e.g. cracker shells), and diversionary feeding. Previous experience using firearms is a plus. (Applicants must be legally able to possess a firearm) • Backcountry travel by 4WD vehicle, hiking, backpacking, and camping. Extended periods of work and camping in remote areas for behavioral observations and various management activities will likely occur. • Depending on seasonal needs, the volunteer MAY assist project biologists with various wolf management activities such as: -Capture (using leg-hold traps or darting) - Radio collaring of wolves including medical workups (blood, vaccines, etc.) and measurements -Possible monitoring of den and rendezvous site activity for pup counts and cross-foster operations - Being a courteous ambassador of the wolf program, distributing current wolf information and educational materials to ranchers, campers, hunters, and other persons using the recovery area • The majority of field data is collected and entered in the field utilizing Collector App software on an iPad. Office tasks such as data entry (managing remotely collected data, managing wolf photo’s, etc.) and equipment maintenance (vehicles, traps, ATV’s, etc.) are routinely conducted. Depending on current seasonal activities, volunteers will assist with a wide variety of project needs, complex or tedious. An extremely flexible and positive attitude are essential to succeed on this project.
The applicant should be age 21 or over, in excellent physical health and hold a current driver’s license. He/she must be able to work independently and with a team and demonstrate a good level of flexibility. Work conditions are often in remote areas with extreme environmental conditions. Long (average 10 hours/day), irregular hours should be anticipated including long days of driving. Must be able to work and camp in remote areas for extended hitches (independently and in teams). Ideal candidates are highly motivated, detail oriented, organized, and able to maintain a positive disposition even under adverse conditions. Applicants with or working towards a Bachelors degree in wildlife biology are desirable. Experiences with map and compass use, wildlife or carnivore handling and tracking, ranching, hunting and trapping are preferred. Remote backcountry hiking and camping experience, radio-telemetry, 4WD vehicle operation, UTV, pulling trailers, and good communication skills are also preferred. During their first few months, volunteers will be evaluated to assess their skills, decision making, and ability to learn for overall compatibility with program needs and to ensure the safety of themselves and others; working in remote areas can be hazardous. Applicants must be willing to represent the views and goals of the USFWS, Mexican Wolf Recovery Program to cooperators and the public, and adhere to the services code of conduct and ethics. E-mail a short cover letter, resume, and 3 references as a single PDF document to: No phone calls please.
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Allison Greenleaf
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