Migratory Game Bird Specialist- Texas Mid-Coast Region

Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. - Central Coast Wetlands Ecosystem Project
TBD- Brazoria, Matagorda, Ft. Bend, or Wharton County
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Full time Positions
$5,554.10 Monthly
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This position is with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, located along the Texas mid-coast and prairies west of Houston. This is a very dynamic position that: 1) aids WMA staff with habitat managementproject ideas, wetland permitting, and funding. 2) provides technical guidance to private landowners willing to manage for migratory game birds. 3) Coordinates mottled duck and dove banding activities, aerial surveys, and serves as a liaison to universities conducting research in the Mid-Coast. 4) Serves at the Gulf Coast Joint Venture Mid-Coast Initiative Team Chair. Most of the work involves wetlands and waterfowl, but there are responsibilities related to dove, cranes, and other webless migratory birds.
Education: 1) Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Science, Wildlife Management, Wildlife Ecology or closely related field in Natural Resources Management. Major course work from Bachelor’s or post-Bachelor’s degree programs must include 24 hours minimum in Wildlife/Habitat Conservation, Wildlife/Natural Resources Management and/or Research from accredited college or university. Experience: 1) Five years of experience as a professional wildlife biologist, migratory game bird biologist, wetland ecologist or closely related natural resources scientist. Licensure: 1) Applicant must possess a valid State driver’s license. 2) Applicant must possess or be able to obtain, within one year of employment, the National Wildfire Coordinator Group’s (NWCG) Fire Fighter Type II certification. NOTE: Retention of position contingent upon obtaining and maintaining required license. Physical Requirements: 1) Must be able to pass, within one year of employment, the FFT II moderate duty physical fitness standard (walk 2 miles with a 25 lb pack in 30 minutes or less) OR the arduous duty physical fitness standard (walk 3 miles with 45 lb pack in 45 minutes or less). 2) Required to conduct (without air sickness) low-level aerial fixed wing aircraft and helicopter surveys. TPWD employees are required to comply with departmental aircraft weight restrictions. Weight limit restrictions prohibit flight with passengers that weigh in excess of 300 pounds. Must meet weight restrictions to accomplish annual low-level aerial surveys. NOTE: Retention of position contingent upon meeting and maintaining physical requirements
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David Butler
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