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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Much of statistical practice is concerned with parameter uncertainty, and ignores model uncertainty, which arises when we fit several models and find that no single model stands out as best. This course will provide you with the tools to be able to allow for both types of uncertainty. Model averaging involves estimating the parameters in a way that allows for model uncertainty, and it often provides better estimates and confidence/credible intervals than those from a single best model. The course is divided into two modules (Bayesian and Frequentist model averaging) composed of pre-recorded lecture material and hands-on exercises using R. The course is based on David Fletcher's recent book (Springer 2018), which can be found here. FORMAT: You have two options when enrolling in this course: (1) Instructor support- Reach out to your instructor to get help as you work through prerecorded lectures, problem sets, and your own personal work. Instructor support includes emailing your instructor, accessing live discussion threads, and scheduling one-on-one appointments (Zoom or phone) about course material, your research, datasets from work, etc. You MUST select this option if you want to take the course for academic credit at your home institution. It is highly RECOMMENDED that you select this option if you would like to work with an instructor on a dataset from school or work. (2) Limited instructor support- Students will take the course at their own pace with instructor support via online discussion forums. PRIMARY INSTRUCTOR: Dr. David Fletcher DATES: Begin anytime starting October 1, 2022 COST: Full instructor support Course fee: $550 professional / $450 student Limited instructor support Course fee: $400 professional / $300 student
PREREQUISITES: Experience with the basics of probability, statistical methods (estimation and model selection), and using R to fit statistical models.
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