Mountain Lion Research and Ecology Intern-California

National Park Service
Thousand Oaks, CA
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The National Park Service is conducting research on multiple carnivore species in the Santa Monica Mountains, including mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, and gray foxes. Projects are designed to assess the effects of habitat fragmentation/urban encroachment on the ecology of carnivores and focus on presence, abundance, survival, causes of mortality, disease prevalence, diet, movement, reproduction, and dispersal. We are currently accepting applications for one mountain lion research and ecology internship position to begin November 26, 2018. Major Duties: (You will increase skills in, or learn to) • Assist wildlife biologists with mountain lion trapping and GPS collaring • Conduct radio telemetry (including triangulation) on mountain lions and other carnivore species • Hike in on mountain lion kill sites to document prey remains • Assist with the placement and maintenance of remote camera traps • Manage data collected from remote cameras. Identify, tag, and enter remote camera photos in database. Map mountain lion GPS data in GIS and produce maps of location clusters. • Conduct monthly scat surveys for bobcats and coyotes • May also assist with some of the parks other wildlife studies including other carnivore projects, roadway projects, stream surveys and pitfall trapping. Compensation • A stipend of $20 per workday is usually available. • Full-time interns from outside the area may be eligible for shared housing. To apply, submit the following documents via email to • Letter of intent (include how the position will benefit your career, the dates you are available, your understanding that this internship is unpaid, except for the stipend, and that you have your own vehicle for transportation to and from work) • Resume • College transcripts (unofficial are acceptable) • Three reference contacts (Include email and phone) NOTE: A few applicants have had trouble sending attachments to government email addresses. If you have this issue, please try sharing your documents through google drive. If you do not have access to a google account, or still have trouble sending your attachments, please email me with no attachments, and we can make arrangements to get your documents submitted another way.
Requirements • Must be a US citizen or permanent resident of the United States • College students and recent graduates are eligible. • Educational interest and experience in Biology, Ecology or related field • Must have previous field experience working on a wildlife project • Previous experience in using radio telemetry to locate free-roaming animals preferred • Previous carnivore trapping experience is highly desirable • Ability to hike many miles a day on uneven terrain carrying a 50+lb pack • Ability to lift and drag heavy carcasses to mountain lion baiting/capture sites • Experience in the use of GPS units for navigation • Knowledge of Excel and data entry in Access is helpful. • Ability to work well both independently and as part of a team, be detail-oriented and organized, and follow safe working practices • Good oral and written communication skills and ability to follow oral and written directions. • Valid driver's license is required. • Must have own transportation to and from worksite. Government vehicles are available for intern use within the scope of their internship. • Background check and/or fingerprint check may be required. • A positive working attitude Work Site and Conditions: • Substantial amounts of hiking in rough terrain, such as dense chaparral, rocky streams, and steep mountains. • Driving in very urban areas through heavy traffic • Minimum commitment of 6 months, full-time. Work schedule may include weekdays, weekends, nights, and holidays
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Jeff Sikich
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