Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog Research Assistant I: Escondido, California

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance
Escondido, California
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
Last Date to Apply
San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is seeking an individual who is inspired to be a part of an organization that is committed to protecting wildlife around the globe. The Mountain Yellow-legged Recovery team is looking for a Research Assistant to assist with some or all of the following tasks: the gathering and analysis of research data from the laboratory or the field and attending to the needs of animals in the conservation breeding laboratory. This position reports to a Supervisor level or higher in the Conservation Science & Wildlife Health department.
The ideal candidate will have experience with amphibian field surveys and research. Experience with behavior assessments, habitat measurements and aquatic husbandry is a plus! Ability to work under adverse conditions such as hiking in mountain terrain, extreme temperatures, exposure sun, and wind, is highly valued as is experience with data management and operating a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Backpacking and camping experience a plus! Bachelor's Degree in biology, zoology, botany, or a related field or equivalent specialized training required. Trained in methodology and equipment used in the assigned area of biological research, animal care, diagnostics, social science, or science communication. Able to operate moderately complex computer software programs. Able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Able to attend to the needs of assigned research collections and/or community members. Able to learn and perform data and sample gathering techniques. Able to work effectively with others in a diverse environment and with diverse populations.
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Michelle Curtis,
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