MS Assistantship in Reptile Conservation-Texas

Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX
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Graduate Assistantships
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MS opportunity at the Department of Natural Resources Management, Texas Tech University The Department of Natural Resources Management is seeking two MS students to work as research assistants on an assessment of the distribution and habitat of two reptile species of concern (Desert Massasauga and Spot-tailed earless lizard) in Texas for conservation purposes. The positions will be based out of Lubbock, TX at Texas Tech University, with fieldwork throughout West and South Texas. The MS program and thesis will be supervised by Dr. Samantha Kahl, Dr. Carlos Portillo-Quintero, Dr. Gad Perry, Dr. Robert Cox and Dr. Nancy McIntyre. One MS student is expected to focus on each of the reptile species. The MS students will be expected to supervise undergraduate technicians during field data collection. Prospective students will be fully funded (upon qualification) as a Research Assistant. This Research Assistant position includes tuition, stipend, health benefits and fringe for two years, including summer months.
Applicants should have previous experience in herpetology or identifying herps in the field, and preference will be given to applicants that have a BS degree with coursework in Herpetology, and field experience. Experience in critical thinking, analysis, and systems thinking will also be given preference in the interview process. Research work will demand driving a truck to validation sites on scheduled dates and spending days in the field, and training for field handling and species identification for study species will be required prior to the start of the first field season. To apply, please send your Curriculum Vitae (resume) • a Cover Letter • A statement about prior experience and career interests • Transcripts from undergrad program • The names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of 2 references. Application deadlines: Applications before 11/20/18 may be considered for a January 2019 or May 2019 start, and Applications 11/20/18-2/15/18 will be considered for a May 2019 start. Position is open until filled. Send your application documents to: Dr. Samantha S. Kahl, Ph.D., Department of Natural Resources Management, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409-2125 USA, Tel. 806-834-4041, At some point in the application process, applicants will also be required to apply to the Texas Tech University Graduate School, and hire will be contingent upon acceptance to the Graduate School and the Department of Natural Resources Management.
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Dr. Samantha S. Kahl
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