MS Graduate Assistantship – Fish Ecophysiology: Thermal Tolerance of Stream Fishes; University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR

The Adams Fish Ecology Lab, Department of Biology, University of Central Arkansas
University of Central Arkansas, Conway, Arkansas
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Graduate Assistantships
The successful applicant will be funded by a teaching assistantship during the fall/spring terms and a research assistantship during summer months. The 9-month stipend for the teaching assistantship is $10,350 and the 3-month summer stipend is $5000. The position is funded for 2 years. In-state and out-of-state tuition and fee waivers (~ $3500/term), as well as funding for field travel, supplies/equipment, and funds to offset conference cost are available.
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We are seeking interested and qualified applicants for a MS Graduate Assistantship to study thermal tolerance of Arkansas stream fishes. Fishes in upland streams of Arkansas are particularly vulnerable to increased water temperatures, but measures of thermal tolerance are not known for most Arkansas fishes. The primary objective is to measure thermal tolerance (critical thermal maximum) of Rocky Shiner (Notropis suttkusi) and related, but more widespread, co-occurring fishes. Rocky Shiner, an endemic to the Red River Drainage, was petitioned for listing by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, but data gaps exist on potential threats to the species. Rocky Shiner is known to seek thermal refugia during summer months in deep pools, indicating it may be susceptible to rising temperatures. A streamside protocol will be used to measure thermal tolerance in the field, and opportunities exist to augment this field approach with lab acclimation studies. This project is a great opportunity to get valuable cross disciplinary training and experience working in the field and laboratory blending fish ecology and physiology with conservation of natural resources. For more information go to
B.S. in Biology, Fisheries Science, Environmental Science, or related fields. Minimum GPA of 3.0. The applicant must have the ability to work independently, enjoy long hours in beautiful Ouachita mountain streams, and work with a team. Strongest applicants will have prior research experience, fish identification skills, a strong background in ecology and physiology, and leadership skills. To apply, send an email with a single PDF to Dr. Ginny Adams ( with the subject “GA Position Rocky Shiner (last name)”. The PDF should include a resume, statement of interest, transcripts, and contact information for three references.
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Dr. Ginny Adams
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