MS graduate position: Lizard physiological ecology, University of Central Arkansas

University of Central Arkansas
Conway, AR
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
$9,000/academic year
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
I am seeking applications for one or two graduate student positions (supported initially by Teaching Assistantships) at the University of Central Arkansas to develop projects focused on the evolutionary and physiological ecology of lizards. Current research in the lab is focused on the ecological and evolutionary significance of maternal/environmental effects in the Prairie Lizard, Sceloporus consobrinus and on foodweb dynamics in Ozark Mountains glade ecosystems. The latter focuses primarily on the effects of Collared Lizards, Crotaphytus collaris, on Prairie lizards and grasshopper communities. Specific research activities will likely include a combination of both laboratory and field studies. Receipt and continuation of the position is contingent upon acceptance into the graduate program and successful progress toward the MS degree in Biology. The program website can be found at the following link: Timeline and compensation: The positions will begin in the Fall semester 2018. Support would come from a Teaching Assistantship during the academic year, which includes a full tuition waiver and summer funding, pending grant support. This position is contingent upon acceptance into the graduate program. Qualified applicants should email Dr. Matthew Gifford ( and include a statement of interests, a CV that details academic background and standardized testing scores, and contact information for two references. Application deadline is March 1, so please submit applications prior to this date for full consideration.
Earned 4-year degree from an accredited college or university (biology, ecology, evolution, or related field preferred). Ability to work independently and occasionally in unfavorable conditions. Good communication skills both in writing and speaking is desired. Experience working with lizards preferred but not required. Use of personal vehicle for work-related travel may occasionally be necessary.
Contact Person
Matt Gifford
Contact eMail
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