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The Miller Lab of Evolutionary Ecology is looking to recruit multiple graduate students for Fall 2020 to work on topics related to evolutionary ecology and behavior. Research in our lab primarily focuses on sexual selection, examining the evolutionary interplay of behavior and morphology. The leaf-footed bugs, Family Coreidae, are excellent experimental subjects for our investigations. These insects wrestle with their hind legs over territories and have an amazing diversity of hind leg shapes. Ongoing projects in the lab include studies of trade-offs between weapons and testes; the effect of nutrition and social environments on weapon structure, testes size, and male fighting behavior; and the role of phenotypic plasticity in the processes of invasion. We are currently reconstructing a phylogeny of the Coreidae to next test hypotheses of weapon shape evolution. Diversity and inclusion are more than just words for us. These are central in guiding how we come together as a research team, cultivate excellence, and go forth into the world to share our discoveries and our love of our work. If this all sounds good to you, then please inquire about joining the lab! Information about Gainesville, Florida: Situated in the rolling countryside of north central Florida, Gainesville, is close to world-class fishing, snorkeling, canoeing, tubing and kayaking. On land, those so inclined may enjoy birding, hiking, biking, and fishing. Home of the University of Florida, seat of Alachua County's government and the region's commercial hub, Gainesville is progressive, environmentally conscious and culturally diverse. The presence of many students and faculty from abroad among its 99,000-plus population adds a strong cross-cultural flavor to its historic small-town Southern roots. Its natural environment, temperate climate and civic amenities make Gainesville a beautiful, pleasant, and interesting place in which to learn and to live.
Successful applicants for this position will have previous research experience and coursework in the fields of ecology, evolution, and/or animal behavior. Applicants should have completed a bachelors degree or expect to complete their bachelors degree by August 2020. Prospective students are encouraged to email Dr. Christine W. Miller at by October 1st, though I will also attempt to consider later inquiries. Before you email, please first consult my laboratory’s website, to learn about some of the research priorities for the coming years. Your email should include 1) a statement of the kinds of research questions that you would like to pursue, 2) an explanation of how these fit in with current lab research, 3) a brief overview of your previous academic and research experiences, 4) a CV or resume, 5) GRE scores (if you have them), 6) an unofficial transcript, and 7) whether you are seeking a M.S. or Ph.D. at this time. Accepted students will be provided a tuition waiver and a competitive stipend.
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Christine Miller
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(352) 273-3917
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