MS Position in comparative physiology at the University of Texas at Tyler

The University of Texas at Tyler
Tyler, Texas
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Dissolved gas supersaturation (DGS) occurs in many natural and man-made aquatic systems when the total gas pressure in solution exceeds atmospheric pressure. When this occurs, there is the potential for gas bubbles to develop in water and in aquatic organisms. DGS often arises from anthropogenic factors due to high pressure discharge from hydroelectric dams, warm water discharge from cooling facilities, algal blooms, and pressurized injections of gas or air into water systems. Additionally, DGS occurs naturally in groundwater. Aquatic salamanders found springs in central Texas are subjected to DGS and during exposure mortality events occur, consistent with gas bubble trauma (GBT) and presumed to be associated with bubbles in the cardiovascular system impairing blood flow. This project will determine the impact of DGS on gas exchange in salamanders by investigating: 1) the role of DGS on triggering gas bubble trauma in salamanders, and 2) determination of the response of the gas exchange system in salamanders to DGS on the development of GBT.
Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree relevant to biology, should have a strong academic background and possess excellent written and oral communication skills in English. The student must possess a keen interest in comparative animal physiology and an aptitude for experimental work. This includes prior laboratory experience and completion of undergraduate physiology courses. Funding: $12,000 in funding support and a 50% tuition wavier are guaranteed for two years. Summer funding may be available to bring funding support to $18,000 pending satisfactory performance. Start date and application deadline: Applicants must be able to start for August 15th, 2022; there are no exceptions. The applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis with no applicants being considered after August 5th. The university has temporarily suspended application deadlines and the GRE requirement for this funding opportunity. Contact: For further information or if you wish to pursue this opportunity, please contact Dr. Ryan Shartau ( If you want to apply for this opportunity, please provide the following: 1) 1-2 paragraph statement on your motivation and qualifications, 2) Unofficial transcript, 3) CV/resume, 4) Names and contact information for 3 references
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Ryan Shartau
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