Mule Deer Field Technician- Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park & Utah State University
Zion National Park, Utah
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Park housing + stipend of $23/day worked
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We are seeking a field technician to assist in data collection for a comprehensive mule deer study in Zion National Park. This research project is specifically studying the deer herd and habitat located in Zion Canyon to gather information on population demographics, diet composition, diet quality & quantity, herd health, and habitat condition. The technician would assist with all aspects of the study with a heavy emphasis on conducting surveys on diet composition and diet quality & quantity. Specific duties include: (1) tracking and locating collared deer (~30 deer) using radio telemetry; (2) conducting dietary assessments via visual observation; (3) assisting with the installation and initial recording of browse utilization transects; (4) assisting with the recovery and necropsy of deer mortalities; and (5) conducting road-based counts. If desired, there will be opportunity to assist with other wildlife projects (e.g., California condor, bighorn sheep, bats).
Required Qualifications: · Driver’s license · Must work minimum 32 hours/week to maintain park housing · Ability to work under harsh conditions (hot/cold weather, rough terrain) · Ability to remain focused while conducting monotonous/repetitive duties (watching deer for multiple hours) · Attention to detail Desired Qualification: · Experience tracking wildlife using radio telemetry · Prior field experience · Commitment to the entire field season (~end of March) · Ability to work independently in the field To apply, email resume, cover letter, and references to
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Janice Stroud-Settles
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