Musk Ox Farm Intern-Alaska

Musk Ox Development Corporation
Palmer, Alaska
Job Category
350/month plus housing
Last Date to Apply
Our internship offers a great variety of experiences from hands on animal husbandry to business and farm management. The main focus of our program is to acquaint interns with the knowledge and skills necessary for raising musk ox. These consist largely of basic veterinarian care, handling methods for both adults and calves, equipment maintenance and repair, pasture management and qiviut harvesting. Interns shadow our herders, develop individual projects and are involved in most all key aspects of the farm’s operations. Due to the overall experimental nature of our project, we strongly encourage applicants with open minds willing to fully participate in furthering the ever expanding mission of MODC. We do not require that applicants necessarily possess experience in all the above-mentioned skills; rather we seek applicants who are able to demonstrate their ability in acquiring such skills.
Most applicants elect to begin their internships at the end of the spring semester. The busiest time of year for the farm is between the beginning of April and the end of August and this is the best time to plan an internship, as it will yield most beneficial to the farm and applicant. . We ask for a minimum commitment of 10 weeks, working roughly 40 hours per week for any internship. Basic housing is provided on-site, as well as a $350 stipend. To apply, please email a copy of your resume, a list of references and a detailed cover letter explaining your experiences, why our internship appeals to you and what you have to offer the farm, and the dates you will be available to We encourage you to research musk ox, MODC and Alaska as much as possible prior to submitting an application or query. While we accept applications year round, if you are applying for a summer internship, we generally do not contact applicants until December regarding a follow-up telephone interview. If you are applying for another time of year, please specify. If you have further specific questions not covered here, please feel free to email at .
Contact Person
Janelle Curtis, Herd Manager
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