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Sustainable Bolivia
Riberalta, Bolivia
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- Cultivation Program: testing and optimizing the process of cultivation. This includes substrate compositions, sterilization methods, inoculation methods, fruiting techniques, etc. - Training community members and Pisatahua staff on small-scale sustainable mushroom cultivation. - Searching, photographing and documenting wild mushrooms found in the Aquicuana Reserve. - Supporting with the preparation of material for an eBook, “Mushrooms of the Bolivian Amazon.” - Packaging and marketing is not a major concern as initial consumption is local. Sustainable Bolivia is a NGO based in Riberalta, the heart of the Bolivian Amazon. We focus our work on sustainable community development and conservation actions. Our volunteers have the opportunity to live and support our work at the Aquicuana Reserve and it's surroundings. This area of incredible biodiversity is located about 20 kilometers from the city of Riberalta in the Beni Department of the Bolivian Amazon. It is home to Lake San José, the plant-medicine retreat center Pisatahua, and two rural communities: San José and Warnes. Its name, Aquicuana, comes from the Tacana native language, meaning ‘land of the giant trees.’ There we promote initiatives to support education, scientific research, community development, regenerative agriculture and conservation actions. We provide a open space for the community called "Comedor" where volunteers have internet access so that they can prepare and develop activities with the community. We also offer a Research Station and (depending on availability) accommodation in the city of Riberalta if volunteers want to visit, shop or go out during the weekends. Sustainable Bolivia is looking for an experienced mycologist to help spearhead an innovative program to cultivate and produce mushrooms in the Aquicuana Reserve for local and tourist consumption. The selected candidate should have experience growing mushrooms from start to finish. They will work alongside staff and two local communities (San Jose and Warnes) to determine the most effective source materials, strains and cultivation techniques. The selected candidate is also expected to help train staff, identify/photograph local fungi, and assist with the preparation of informational materials.
Language skills: speak English (basic level) or Spanish (basic level). Education: Ideally a biology or an area related to mycology degree (or currently studying). Required documents: CV/resume and cover letter. Minimum time commitment: 1 month Other skills: interest in live and work in the Amazon, ability to work independently, patience and flexibility.
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