Native Aquatics Biologist (Fisheries), Moab, Utah

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Moab, Utah
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$19.61 - $22.78 Hourly
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The UDWR Moab Field Station is looking for two (2) native aquatics biologists (Wildlife Biologist I) to join our team. Incumbents will lead and assist fisheries projects on the Colorado, Green, and San Juan Rivers with the goal of monitoring, researching, managing, and recovering the endangered fishes of the Upper Colorado River Basin. Candidates must have a strong desire to spend a long field season (March-October) on multi-day river trips in remote canyons of the Desert Southwest. Principle Duties: - Participate in and/or lead multi-day field efforts in remote river locations with crews up to 9 people. - Collect, record, and manage accurate scientific data in accordance with complex sampling protocols. - Capture fish using various methods including raft and boat-mounted electrofishers, seines, trammel nets, light traps, and hoop nets. - Identify, measure, and PIT tag endangered, native, and nonnative fish of the Upper Colorado River Basin. - Navigate oar-rigged rafts through whitewater and motorized jon boats through large, shallow rivers. - Analyze, report, and present findings in formal and informal settings. - Troubleshoot, repair, and maintain boating, sampling, and camping gear. - Communicate effectively, directly, and respectfully in oral and written form - Treat coworkers and the public with dignity, equity, empathy, and respect. Please visit link for complete information and to apply:
Required: - operation of oar-rigged rafts in whitewater - operation of hard-bottomed boats powered by outboard motors - raft and boat-mounted electrofishing - netting and trapping fish - fish identification, handing, measuring, and PIT tagging - gear maintenance and repair - trailer towing - data collection, analysis and reporting experience - respectful and clear communication (oral and written) - ability to work in a leadership role and support role - ability to work well with others as part of a team. Preference: - navigation of class IV whitewater in inflatable rafts - swiftwater rescue training, wilderness medical training - prop and jet-propelled outboard motor boat operation on large, shallow, braided rivers - motor repair and maintenance, maintenance and repair of rafting, camping and sampling gear - experiencing working with endangered species - experience working with native fish in the Upper Colorado River Basin - experience with ETS electrofishers mounted to rafts and jon-boats, hoop nets, trammel nets, larval light traps, and seines - digital data recording with hand-held data loggers; - data management/QAQC - data analysis - technical scientific writing; - research presentation - experience supervising large teams - DEI, emotional intelligence, and workplace respect trainings - Bachelor's degree in the natural sciences, conservation, or related field
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