Natural Resource Specialist (Park Ranger)

US Army Corps of Engineers
Cottage Grove, Oregon
Job Category
Full time Positions
GS-07-09: $46,696 - $74,250 per year
Last Date to Apply
-Participate in the development of planning documents for management of natural resources. -Coordinate short range planning and execution in recreation and park administration. -Coordinate short range planning and execution in shoreline stabilization, pest control, soil conservation. -Coordinate short range planning and execution in boundary surveillance, physical security, public education and interpretation. -Coordinate short range planning and execution in cultural resources, visitor assistance, and public safety. -Prepare documents pertaining to leasing and managing project lands. Evaluate proposed real estate actions and perform outgrant inspections. -Enforce Title 36 CFR by educating the visiting public on project purposes, conditions, policies, and regulations. -Patrol project lands and waters to prevent unauthorized use, trespass, unsafe activities and destruction of project land, water, facilities, and other environmental resources. -Perform search and rescue, including missing and lost persons, boating, fishing and hunting accidents, and render first aid to the injured. -Inspect facilities including playgrounds, restrooms, trails, campground areas, boat ramps, picnic areas, signs and wayside exhibits.
See description on USAJOBS: Announcement number WTHE232207643488 Control number 712522900
Contact Person
Paige King
Contact Phone
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