Natural Resource Technician II

Charleston County, SC
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Assisting with wetland and upland habitat management activities including mowing fields and marshes, burning, discing, water level management and agricultural plantings. Assisting in the construction, maintenance and installation of water control structures for Samworth, Santee Coastal and Santee Delta WMAs. Performing maintenance of physical structures and grounds including mowing dikes, maintaining roads and trails, and maintaining campground and signs. Performing minor repairs when needed. Assisting with the implementation of public use programs including hunts, and assisting with hunt preparation. Providing assistance to WMA hunt participants. Collecting necessary biological data as directed. Maintaining all Department issued equipment. Maintaining familiarity with the three (3) properties of the Upper Coastal Waterfowl Project (Samworth, Santee Coastal Reserve and Santee Delta WMA's). Preparing and maintaining records and reports as required. Assisting with banding activities.
Knowledgeable in the safe operation, maintenance and repair of small and large power tools, farm equipment, heavy equipment and watercraft. Ability to get along and communicate effectively with fellow employees and the general public; ability to perform agricultural activities such as disking, mowing, planting, and herbicide application. Ability to assist with controlled burns and conduct public hunts; ability to work independently, perform limited facilities maintenance and perform carpentry tasks. Welding and/or carpentry skills would be awesome. Start date flexible. A great sense of humor is a plus. Getting along with others is a must. Please contact if you have any questions.
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