Natural Resources Specialist – Fort Jackson, Columbia, SC – South Carolina

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Columbia, SC
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Full time, Non-Exempt Start Date: December 2020 The candidate will provide technical support to the Natural Resources Conservation and Endangered Species Act compliance programs at Fort Jackson to include wildland fire, forestry, endangered species conservation, and other wildlife management. The candidate must have a clear understanding of the biological principles and theories of forestry and wildlife management, and the ecological management of the longleaf pine ecosystem and be able to identify the flora and fauna of the southeastern United States. Primary job duties include: • Preparing areas for prescribed fire. • Assisting with the application of prescribed fire to acreage identified in the annual prescribed fire plan at Fort Jackson, SC. • Assist with post-burn evaluations and collection of fire weather data necessary for reporting requirements. • Provide timber cruising and marking for forest thinning operations improve Red-cockaded woodpecker (RCW) habitat. • Perform forest inventory data collection. Candidate may also assist with additional wildlife activities including food plot preparation, nest box preparation, RCW monitoring and cavity work, and providing native groundcover restoration. Candidate must be able to perform physical tasks such as walking for extended periods of time carrying at least 20lbs, often through dense vegetation and in hot, humid weather, raking RCW cavity trees and preparing areas for prescribed burns, conducting prescribed burns, performing GPS data collection, cruising timber, marking timber and treatment area boundaries for harvesting operations and mid-story removal, and performing forest inventory. Candidate should be experienced in operating ATVs, farm tractors with implements (i.e. disk harrows and planters, and heavy-duty mowers/shredders), weed eater type brush saws, chain saws, and other heavy-duty equipment. Candidate must be a U.S Citizen, have a current driver’s license, be able to pass a background security investigation, and have an original copy of their birth certificate.
Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry, Wildlife Biology, General Biology, or related discipline preferred with at least 1 year of field experience. Associate Degree in Forestry or related disciplines will be considered with 2-3 years of successful working experience in forestry and wildland fire. Ability and willingness to work in challenging field conditions, including long days and inclement weather (extreme heat/humidity, cold). Must be comfortable working independently and collaboratively. Strong work ethic. Candidate should be in good physical condition and be able to lift and carry 50lbs. Experience with off-road vehicle operation and 4-wheel drive vehicles on unimproved roads. Candidate should be able to safely operate chainsaws, ATVs, and agricultural tractors and implements. Preferred candidate will have: • Completed NWCG S130/S190 wildland fire training and have experience with wildland fire • Experience with GPS units and capable of independent navigation • Experience marking and cruising timber • Experience using a spotting scope and binoculars to identify birds • Experience handling and extracting birds from mist-nets or other devices
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Carrie Dittmer
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