Natural Resources Specialist

Military Department of Indiana
Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh, Indiana
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Full time Positions
$2,047.00 bi-weekly; $53,222.00 annually
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This position exists within the Environmental Division, Department of Public Works, Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center. This person reports daily to the Natural Resources Coordinator and is ultimately responsible to the Conservation Deputy/Deputy Chief and is responsible for implementing the Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan and the multi-media components contained within the plan (i.e., forestry management plan, wildland fire management plan, pest management plan, watershed management plan, endangered species management plan, cultural resources, etc.). The position will be responsible to advise the Environmental Deputy Chief, Environmental Division Chief, Commanders and local/state project managers on the requirements of laws and regulations relative to resource management to include Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, Sikes Act, National Historic Preservation Act, and various and often conflicting regulations. This position is responsible for the field implementation of the goals and objectives prescribed by the Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan. This will require developing defined actions that meet the stated goals and determining how and where these defined actions will be implemented on IN Army National Guard property to best meet the needs and requirements of military training and environmental stewardship. This position will be relied upon to solve complex problems in order to maintain compliance with multimedia laws and regulation while achieving an evolving military mission ultimately resulting in the readiness of the National Guard and sustainability of training lands. ESSENTIAL DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: • Effectively interact and communicate orally and in writing in a clear, concise manner with parties with diverse levels of environmental expertise particularly for purposes of meetings and conveying implementation instructions. • Supervise the activities of IDOC inmates, and temporary employees as well as coordinate the efforts of various program areas such as forestry, biology, cultural resources, etc. through direct contact with the various subject matter experts. • Coordinate with military personnel on training needs and related environmental considerations. Be the subject matter expert for the directorates and their project managers for all resource concerns to achieve the military mission. • Coordinate forestry program and wildland fire program initiatives throughout the Atterbury-Muscatatuck training complex and as appropriate on any IN Army National Guard landholdings or initiatives throughout the state. • Oversees or conducts scientific sampling of vegetation, wildlife, water, soils, or any other natural resource for purposes to include, but not limited to, long-term monitoring, planning level surveys, endangered species monitoring, etc. utilizing spatial and temporal data. • Oversees the development of monitoring and sampling protocols identifying the appropriate season, plot layout, data collection methods, and type of analysis for needed sampling. • Implements field work and field studies in support of all INRMP goals and objectives. • oversight and supervision of field activities involving varying degrees of manual labor and heavy equipment and ensuring effective and safe field operations at all times often with only radio contact with superiors. Often conducted in remote or difficult to access areas, requiring a high degree of problem solving • Visit training areas to determine the existing environmental conditions and develop strategies to best solve any problems. • Project interpretation and analysis shall be prepared including recommendations for further work or modifications to existing protocols. • Prepare summary reports for all projects. • Provide support and oversight to nuisance animal control including the handling and if needed euthanization of wildlife • Monitoring of contract execution for both service contracts and sale of government products (timber) on an as assigned basis. • Accountability of all federal property assigned to the section and is accountable to the sub hand receipt holder. • Provide professional analysis and peer review and implement major documents, e.g. Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan (INRMP), wild land fire management plan, endangered species management plans, etc. • Manage and aid in performing research to collect information needed for reports and documents. • Manage and enter data into appropriate databases and check the data for accuracy before submitting it. • Manage data in Geographic Information System (GIS) and perform spatial analysis in GIS. • Complete the investigative work to include user interviews, technical research, and site investigation to develop needed environmental projects and to provide a cost effective solution to existing problems. • Perform assessments and produce all, or appropriate portions of deliverable reports such as Environmental Checklists, Records of Environmental Consideration (RECs), Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS), Historic Property Surveys, and Environmental Assessments, Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans, Wild land Fire Management Plans, Forest Inventory and Management Plans, Wetlands and Aquatic Habitat Management Plans, Plant Community Surveys, Pest Management Plans, Invasive and Exotic Species Surveys and Management Plans, Cultural Resource Management, and any other documents as appropriate. • Plan and coordinate multi-regulatory, multi-media tasks, including but not limited to maintaining and sustaining compliance with the Sikes Act Amendment of November 1997, Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act and Executive Order 11990, Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, Federal Noxious Weed Act, Executive Order l3112. • Perform various duties regarding applying local, state and federal laws and regulations to various operations owned or operated by the IN Army National Guard. • Serve as a Natural Resources liaison with other IN Army National Guard working units and staff and as necessary other governmental and non-governmental entities for appropriate integration and leveraging of resources and systems for mutual benefits. • Communicate technical information in an effective manner to audiences both public and private. • Prepare Life Cycle Cost analysis of potential environmental projects required to reduce negative environmental impacts on INARNG properties • Manage programs, projects, and/or data in Status Tool for Environmental Program (STEP), Environmental Performance Assessment System (EPAS). • Create and manage budgets for all assigned program areas with a rolling 5 year forecast. • Train staff on safe and proper use of all assigned heavy equipment (bull dozers, tractors, firefighting equipments, etc.) and power equipment (chainsaws, sprayers, etc.). NONESSENTIAL DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: • Assist with emergency spill response • Manage vehicle fleet • Maintain accountability of property book items • Maintain various state and federal permits ( i.e., DNR salvage permit, burn variances, etc) • Maintain or gain protected species permits as necessary
JOB REQUIREMENTS: • Bachelor degree in wildlife management/biology, ecology, forestry, environmental science or closely related discipline is required. • Minimum of two years professional experience in a biological or environmental field (undergraduate research, graduate research, internship, or employment). • Capable of directly supervising 2-5 individuals and indirectly supervising 10-20 individuals. • Capable of performing physical tasks outside in inclement weather, especially full summer heat and humidity, at night, and under extreme cold conditions. • Must possess a valid driver’s license and pass pre-employment screening and a background check to receive a government issued ID card. • Either possesses or able to obtain S130/190 minimum requirements for Wildland and Prescribed Fire Program Management. • Either possesses or able to obtain DoD equivalent pesticide applicators certification. • Extensive working knowledge of Federal, State, DoD, Army and National Guard Natural Resource regulations, instructions and technical letters and knowledge of the Federal and DoD Natural Resource programs. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES/DIRECT REPORTS: Incumbents of positions at this level exercise direct supervision of, assign work to and review the performance of temporary, student, labor, clerical personnel and IDOC offender laborers. This position reports primarily to the Natural Resources Coordinator and as needed directly to the Deputy Chief of the Division. DIFFICULTY OF WORK: Performs work involving advanced techniques and methods following only general guidance. In some cases where established methodology is inadequate to obtain results, the incumbent must research and apply innovative techniques and develop procedures to obtain required results. Assignments are diverse, covering a range of media and systems. These range from management of forest resources, grasslands, endangered species, ecological restoration, invasive species, wildland fire, hazardous waste, integrated pest control oversight and coordination, air and water quality, and soldier training. The solution of problems requires adaptation and modification of conventional practices and demands an understanding of a variety of disciplines in engineering, natural and cultural resources, biology, chemistry, geology and land use. Work often involves working with groups having conflicting objectives on multi-faceted problems, requiring a high-level of decision-making, problem solving and diplomacy. RESPONSIBILITY: • Incumbent supports the Adjutant General with guidance and direction given by the Conservation Deputy Chief and assistance from other environmental program managers on objectives and program compliance in general. • General goals and objectives are discussed with supervisor and supervisor is advised of special problems at the incumbent's discretion in order to provide program continuity. • Work may not be reviewed upon completion for compliance with agency policy and objectives • Incumbent is always expected to be aware of and responsible for the health, safety and well-being of on-site co-workers, area residents or any environmental damage while on work assignments in the field. • Incumbent is responsible for proper operation and maintenance of state-owned property, such as state vehicles, watercraft, laboratory equipment, field equipment, and personal protection equipment. • Independently develops plans to obtain objectives and initiates action on all matters in area of assignment. Refers to supervisor those matters that require formulation of policy, and discusses matters likely to generate significant controversy or interest.
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