Natural Resources Technician: Nebraska

Middle Niobrara Natural Resources District
Valentine, Nebraska
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Employee is responsible for operation and administration of NRD projects and programs as assigned by the District General Manager. Employee is expected to balance field and office duties needed to accomplish the work. Daily operations will be performed with limited supervision. Duties & Responsibilities: 1. Facilitate NRD Natural Resource Programs a. Assist in all aspects of field work including but not limited to: i. Design, sales, and installation ii. Distribution of plant and fabric materials iii. Site preparation and flagging b. Assist with customer billing and collection activities. c. Develop and maintain inventory tracking of goods for sale. d. Compile, format, maintain and report wildlife/tree programs data as requested. e. Assist with woody biomass program. f. Assist with composting program. g. Assist with watershed programs. h. Assist with grant programs and administration. 2. Facilitate NRD Water Programs a. Assist with field inspection of private chemigation systems. b. Assist with field collection of water quality/quantity samples. c. Assist with field collection of water levels. d. Compile, format, maintain and report water programs data as requested. e. Assist with grant programs and administration. 3. Perform Information and Educational Activities a. Assist with informational programs: i. Radio shows, etc. ii. Newsletter information b. Assist with educational programs. i. School events: Range, Land, Soils, Tree, etc. ii. Miscellaneous events: Expo’s, Schools, County Fairs, etc. 4. Assist with Watershed Activities, Projects, and Grants in the Long Pine Creek Watershed (LPCW) and Cherry County Watershed(s) a. Provide technical assistance to landowners and producers on conservation issues. b. Promote, assist, and educate landowners on best management practices, available programs and funding through different agencies and grants, and operation and maintenance of implemented projects. c. Assist with project site visits, landowner site visits, and yearly project inspections. d. Assist with grant programs and administration. 5. Carry out other duties as assigned by General Manager and the Board of Directors
General Qualifications: 1. Education: The minimum educational requirement to qualify for this position is an associate degree, plus 2 years’ experience, and a valid driver’s license. A bachelor’s degree in natural sciences/resources, wildlife management, forestry, horticulture, botany, or agronomy is recommended. The applicant must be familiar with Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and software including ArcView, or ArcMap. 2 Experience: The experience necessary to qualify for this position would be of satisfactory employment with an agency, consulting firm, or organization involved with conservation and/or resource management. An agricultural, ranch, or outdoor related background would also be beneficial. An individual that completes the requirements of a 1 year intern position with the MNNRD may also be eligible for this position. 3 Desirable Characteristics: Individual characteristics to be considered should include but not be limited to: (1) an ability to work well and communicate effectively with people both written and verbally, (2) have a desire to help bring about actual accomplishments quickly and efficiently by being self-directed and taking initiative, (3) ability to work independently with responsible results using good judgement, (4) have accountability, (5) ability to manage multiple projects and priorities, (6) Outdoor physical work required to include adverse conditions, (7) some heavy lifting (50 – 100 lbs.), (8) willingness to complete work outside normal business hours (8 am – 5 pm), (9) independent judgement ability, and (10) follow directions, (11) strong understanding of agricultural industry, federal programs such as EQIP, CRP, NDEE 319 Program, and other partnering agency funding mechanisms through NE Game and Parks, USFWS, Pheasants Forever, etc. Special Requirements and Conditions: - A current driver's license valid in Nebraska and good driving record will be required. Will need to be insurable. - Will be required to have and maintain the Private Pesticide Applicator, Chemigation Applicator, and Natural Resource Groundwater Technician License. - May be required to obtain and hold a valid CDL license as needed. - Attendance at meetings as needed or requested. May include MNNRD Board of Directors meetings, committee meetings, or other job-related meetings. Out of town overnight travel required as necessary. - Have or gain knowledge of Federal, State, and Local laws, regulations, and rules relative to Natural Resource management programs. Essential Functions and Associated Physical Abilities include: - Ability to operate motor vehicles, including passenger cars and trucks, in urban and rural environments. - Ability to operate tractors, equipment, and conduct maintenance. - Ability to pull and backup gooseneck trailers. - Ability to navigate county plat maps and use of soil surveys. - Ability to lift approximately 50 - 100 pounds. - Ability to manage a spreadsheet. - Ability to work with and use GIS, GPS applications, and computer data management. - Ability to safely work near irrigation systems. - Able to work safely outside in a variety of terrain and weather conditions including summer heat and winter cold. - Able to follow technical specifications and guidelines. - Ability and willingness to work long hours when required.
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Chandler Schmidt - Watershed Coordinator
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