Natural Resources/ITAM Technician-Massachusetts

MA Army National Guard
Camp Edwards, Barnstable County, MA
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$18.00 hourly
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
DETAILED STATEMENT OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Vegetation/Restoration Duties: Conduct vegetation surveys to assess the effects of fire management, impacts from military training, and monitor restoration/habitat improvement projects. Use dichotomous keys to identify plants to species, and be aware of MIPAG Early Detection invasive plant species. Use GPS, cameras, clinometers, compasses, maps, and other field equipment. Enter data and maintain equipment. Conduct rare plant surveys. Use NHESP key to classify natural communities. Work with volunteers controlling invasive species for grassland management. Assess the suitability and/or condition of areas for training. Mechanically remove vegetation (with chainsaws, line trimmers, loppers, or brush saws) for habitat management, prescribed fire preparation, and/or training improvements. Assist on restoration projects to improve training areas or restore native habitat. Survey erosion damage on maneuver trails. Opportunities may be available to assist on prescribed burns, if S-130/190 certified. Wildlife Duties: Primary wildlife research and monitoring projects focus on bat monitoring and herpetological surveys. Bat Surveys: Deploy and maintain passive acoustic detectors to survey bats on base, particularly around management units and training areas. Use active acoustic detectors, a spotlight, and IR/thermal imaging at night to identify species. Perform telemetry and emergence surveys in conjunction with mist-netting contractors to locate and survey radio-tagged Northern Long-eared Bats or other Myotis species. Communicate with landowners to obtain permissions to access sites for telemetry or emergence survey work. Organize call data by following a specific workflow. Herpetological surveys: Monitor spring-breeding amphibians, specifically search for Spotted Salamander and Wood Frog egg masses and larvae at designated sites, and monitor hydroperiod. Set and maintain traps in larger vernal pools to catch Spotted Turtles, and possibly attach transmitters and monitor through telemetry. Perform turtle nesting surveys at dusk. Monitor pools for possible Spadefoot Toad presence after heavy rain events. Record Box Turtle sightings for reporting to NHESP. Follow strict disinfection protocol during all herpetological surveys to avoid the potential spread of pathogens. The amount of time spent conducting wildlife research will depend on the capture success of bats on Guard properties, among other factors. Other smaller wildlife projects may include conducting nightjar and American Woodcock surveys, monitoring New England cottontail rabbits, pollinator sampling, grassland bird and other bird surveys, camera trap predator surveys, and monitoring the nesting box program. Work during the evenings, early mornings, and weekends is required of this position, as is a good driving record. Work will be primarily at Camp Edwards, but tasks at Camp Curtis Guild could require staying onsite for days to weeks at a time.
*** You must apply online through the MassCareers website, Position #170006NX. Qualifications: 1.Knowledge of the principles and practices of ecology. 2.Knowledge of research methods and techniques followed in natural resources. 3.Knowledge of local flora and fauna. 4.Knowledge of floristic survey techniques. 5.Ability to use radiotelemetry to track wildlife. 6.Ability to maintain accurate records. 7.Ability to follow written and oral instructions. 8.Ability to give oral and written reports in a precise, understandable manner. 9.Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written expression. 10. Ability to exercise sound judgment. 11. Ability to work independently. 12. Ability to lead a group of workers. 13. Ability to deal tactfully with others. 14. Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with others. 15. Ability to operate 4x4 vehicles on dirt roads. 16. Ability to lift and carry heavy objects. 17. Ability to professionally interface with the public. 18. Ability to work in the field for long hours and under sometimes harsh conditions, especially in full summer heat and humidity, at night, or under extreme cold conditions. MINIMUM ENTRANCE REQUIRMENTS Completion of a Bachelors degree in Natural Resources, Environmental Science, Wildlife Biology, Botany or related discipline. At least one field season of on the job experience. Knowledge of southern New England flora and fauna preferred. Ability to work as part of a team required. Fieldwork is required in all weather conditions and in challenging terrain. All positions require a driver’s license and safe driving record, the ability to safely operate 4x4 vehicles on dirt roads, and the ability to work effectively and in cooperation with co-workers and other military and civilian personnel. Other desirable experience includes landowner interactions, radiotelemetry, and independent field experience. LICENSE AND/OR CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS Incumbents are required to have a current and valid driver’s license.
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