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The Inventory and Monitoring Technician is a full-time, temporary (11-month) position that assists the Natural Resources Program staff of the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation in the inventory and monitoring of rare and imperiled species of animals and plants throughout North Carolina state parks, natural areas, recreation areas, and nature preserves. The position’s primary function will be to assist the Inventory Biologist with surveys, data collection, and reporting on the status of significant resources across the state. The technician will help maintain accurate records within the Natural Resources Inventory Database. The employee will maintain inventory and monitoring equipment for continued use across a vast range of taxa. This position will also participate in a wide variety of other land management activities including all aspects of prescribed fire, ecological restoration, and invasive species control, as necessary. - Based out of the Yorkshire Center in north Raleigh, N.C, on Falls Lake. No housing will be provided. - Standard work week will be Monday – Friday 0800 – 1700, but can change frequently and on short notice. Work week is typically 40 hours. It may include occasional overnight assignments, or may occasionally exceed 40 hours. - Work activities can occur at any North Carolina State Park property statewide during employment.
MINIMUM EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Graduation from a two-year technical school with an associate’s degree in biology, botany, ecology, wildlife sciences, zoology, or similar field; environmental or natural science curriculum with a preference for taxonomy and systematics; one to two years related experience conducting species surveys; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. A bachelor’s degree is preferred. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, and ABILITIES: • Ability to utilize a wide range of survey techniques to collect information on rare and imperiled resources in different habitats across the state. • A base knowledge of faunal and/or floral identification in North Carolina, or some experience identifying different taxonomic groups. • Able to quickly and efficiently learn new techniques for sampling and ID. • Have experience with data organization, record keeping, and attention to pertinent detail. • Qualified as or able to meet qualifications for Fire Fighter Type 2 or higher. • Ability to plan, organize, set priorities and goals, and resolve complex problems both independently and in collaboration & consultation with supervisor and other NR program staff. • Ability to operate various types of equipment in a safe and efficient manner (e.g.: chainsaw, ATV, leaf blower, radio, hand tools, drip torch, spray equipment, etc.) • Ability to create maps utilizing GIS, aerial photography, and other suitable sources for field & office needs. • Ability to follow written and verbal instructions from supervisors and co-workers. • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and written, with co-workers, Division personnel, and occasionally with the public. • Ability to develop and complete tasks within timeframes. • Ability to utilize and navigate to remote sites with maps, written directions, and GPS. • Ability to perform physical work, sometime under adverse conditions or in inclement weather. • Possession of, or ability to acquire, a valid NC driver’s license and ability to safely operate state vehicles. COMMUNICATIONS/INTERPERSONAL CONTACTS: The position holder must have excellent command of the English language and be able to clearly and concisely convey information orally and in writing; effectively be able to present ideas to individuals or groups to ensure that they understand the information and message. Presents results and summaries; adheres to reporting requirements; and contributes to writing reports. The position holder should have the ability to analyze, manipulate and evaluate information/data, including the use of software by utilizing word processing such as Microsoft Word and spreadsheet manipulations such as Microsoft Excel. WORKING CONDITIONS/PHYSICAL EFFORT: The Inventory and Monitoring Technician may work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain and under physically demanding circumstances. These conditions: • Present frequent possibility of injury. • Require long hours in isolated settings. • Require physical exertion, outdoors, in all weather conditions and on difficult and sometimes hazardous terrain. • Require willingness to travel frequently and potential overnight stays. To apply for this position, please submit a PD-107 and your CV/Resume to Ed Corey, Inventory Biologist with NC State Parks.
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