New Mexico Gila Monster Surveys (Hatchita NM, mountains in southwestern NM)

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
Hatchita NM, mountains in southwestern NM
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$1000 stipend to cover gas and food
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Last Date to Apply
We are looking for interns to assist with Gila Monster surveys in New Mexico. The purpose of the project is to conduct intensive Gila Monster surveys in southwestern New Mexico to gain a better understanding of the species’ distribution at the edge of its range. The project is funded by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, which is in charge of managing this state-endangered species. There have been three recent Gila Monster sightings in this area of New Mexico, where the range of Gila Monsters is poorly understood. We are planning 4 10-day trips to the area in July-August, 2021. Interns will work 10 days on and 4 days off. We will car camp at night and spend the middle part of the day in community housing in the town of Hatchita. Surveys will primarily consist of foot searches in areas that appear to be good Gila Monster habitat, including rocky outcrops, washes, and bajadas. Depending on personnel, time of day, and weather, 1-2 people will also conduct road cruising surveys. We will capture, measure, and PIT-tag all Gila monsters encountered. We will also obtain weather information, habitat data, and GPS coordinates for all captures. While surveying, we will also record all other herpetofauna observed. We will be using electronic forms, through an app called Epicollect5, to record all data. Internet and cell service in this area is weak, so it is very important that all volunteers download the app (Epicollect5) and electronic form before getting to Hatchita. We will send you an email with instructions on how to add the app and pertinent data forms to your device. All interns will need to bring food, drinks, camping supplies (car camping), phone (with Epicollect5 downloaded), GPS, binoculars, flashlights, and any other personal items. Some of the roads are a little rough, so having a 4x4 is best. Interns will receive $1000 dollars each to cover expenses, including gas and food.
Experience hiking and camping in remote, rugged desert terrain. Experience surveying for, capturing and handling herpetofauna. Ability to camp and work with a small team of field biologists. Passion for wildlife and spending time camping in remote areas is a must.
Contact Person
Matt Goode
Contact Phone
(520) 465-2717
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