NHESP GIS Manager (Conservation Biologist III)

Massachusetts Department of Fish & Game, Division of Fisheries & Wildlife
Westborough, MA
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Full time Positions
$65,323.70 - $96,067.40 Yearly
Last Date to Apply
The Natural Heritage GIS Manager (Conservation Biologist III) supports the spatial data development, management, and analysis needs of the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program (NHESP). The GIS Manager is responsible for providing support to the Natural Heritage staff for species habitat and range mapping, creation of electronic and hard copy maps, and assistance in the transition into more advanced GIS software. The GIS Manager maintains the Natural Heritage Program’s spatial data layers and coordinates with data staff to integrate data from the NHESP database into the GIS systems used by NHESP staff. This includes performing periodic software upgrades and helping to customize spatial data for new uses. The GIS Manager facilitates Natural Heritage staff usage of spatial data and GIS systems. DETAILED STATEMENT OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: - Oversee day-to-day Natural Heritage spatial data utilization. Coordinate the integration of data from the Program’s databases into the Program’s GIS systems. - Develop protocols, tools, and automated routines for the analysis, storage, cleaning and maintenance of rare species habitat and regulatory polygons in GIS. - Analyzes geo-data in Desktop GIS. Perform on-screen digitizing of endangered species habitats and other features. - Train and support Natural Heritage staff in the use of the Program’s GIS systems including assisting in the transition into more advanced systems, troubleshooting, and assistance in developing tailored GIS tools for environmental review and other staff projects. - Train and support desktop and online GIS mapping by Heritage staff, including contractors and interns, especially in mapping rare species locations and habitat features. - Work with staff in extraction and creation of spatial data products to assist in environmental review and data requests for rare species, natural community, and certified vernal pool data. - Create and curate NHESP GIS data into AGOL for staff and public consumption. - Create support documentation for end-users and provide technical assistance to staff and public. - Prepare datasets and develop guidelines for species and habitat GIS modeling. - Collaborate with MassWildlife staff on Agency-level GIS initiatives. - Oversee the creation and printing of hard-copy GIS maps at various scales and other GIS products as needed. - Coordinate and support desktop GPS usage and data downloading.
QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED AT HIRE: - Expertise with GIS software (including ESRI ArcGIS 10.8 or higher, ArcPro, AGOL, Fieldmaps, Survey123, etc.) and methodology required. Ability to create, manage, and manipulate shapefiles and geodatabases. - Knowledge of the methods and techniques creating and editing Geodatabases. - Knowledge of methods and techniques using AGOL apps in the field. - Experience with Python and GIS modeling. - Experience reading topographic and aerial imagery. - Ability to troubleshoot software problems and maintain software through upgrades. - Knowledge of relational database structure and familiarity with structured query language. - Strong organizational skills, proficiency at multi-tasking, and excellent accuracy and attention to detail. - Interest in and knowledge of biodiversity conservation. - Graduate degree in GIS or Conservation biology, Wildlife Management, or a related field with four years of GIS management experience or Bachelor’s degree in GIS or Conservation biology, Wildlife Management, or a related field with five years of GIS management experience.
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