Nonnative Fish and Wildlife Biologist II (OPS)

Florida Fish and Wildlife
Fort Myers, Florida
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Full time Positions
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The Wildlife Impact Management Section is seeking an energetic and motivated candidate to help address nonnative fish and wildlife in Florida. Primary responsibilities of this position focus on management efforts and Early Detection Rapid Response for high priority nonnative species, including, but not limited to large constrictors, lizards, amphibians, birds and mammals in the South and Southwest region of Florida. Particular focus will include high priority reptiles such as Argentine black and white tegus, Nile monitors, and Burmese pythons. The incumbent will conduct work on public and private land and will be responsible for maintaining good working relations with the public and with partners to help address invasive species issues in Florida. Primary duties will include: 1) Helping design trapping projects with live traps and camera traps; 2) Opening and closing live traps in urban and rural locations on a daily basis, maintaining bait in traps, releasing by-catch from trapping efforts unharmed, safely and humanely removing nonnative wildlife from traps, live trap repair and construction; 3) Maintaining camera traps in urban and rural locations on a weekly basis; 4) Responding to reports of priority nonnative wildlife and removing invasive, potentially dangerous wildlife using other methods, including hand capture, pellet rifles, firearms, snake hooks, noose poles, net guns, etc.; 5) Caring for captive animals used for education and training; 6) Assisting with operation of the Exotic Species Hotline by answering phone calls from the public and documenting reports of nonnative wildlife observations in a database; 7) Planning survey routes and conducting surveys for nonnative wildlife; 8) Euthanizing nonnative wildlife using humane and approved methods; 9) Collecting, entering, and organizing data on all field activities into the Section’s database; 10) Working with private landowners and other land managers to access new monitoring and trapping locations, and coordinating with other agencies and organizations also managing these species; 11) Conducting educational outreach activities and presentations upon request; 12) Running live-capture python training events for natural resource professionals and members of the public; 13) Maintaining and entering vehicles logs, using a state purchasing card and submitting purchase receipts; 14) Maintaining and tracking other equipment and firearms stored at the Fort Myers office; 15) Responding to other wildlife conflict issues as needed. This position will include extensive driving of state vehicles throughout the South and Southwest Regions (especially Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties), working independently, and requires an ability to trouble-shoot in the field. Knowledge of nonnative reptiles in Florida and experience handling exotic pets and potentially dangerous wildlife is preferred. Additional duties may include: 1) Documenting activities in written summary reports using basic statistical analyses, graphs, and tables; 2) Serving on committees and teams as appropriate and attending meetings, workshops, and conferences; 3) Helping to supervise volunteers and interns assisting with nonnative wildlife management activities; 4) Assisting Section staff with public workshops and other stakeholder engagement; 5) Assisting with preparation of educational and outreach activities and trainings on nonnative wildlife issues; 6) Assisting in creating and updating information for the Ask FWC program, and respond to printed or posted requests on FWC’s web and social media pages to answer questions about nonnative wildlife; 7) Conduct other activities and tasks as necessary to support other HSC staff in the region. It is expected that all FWC employees courteously assist Commission constituents to resolve questions or problems they may have on matters relating to the Commission, its programs, or fish and wildlife conservation in general; and garner public support for agency objectives and programs by serving Florida's citizens in a positive and proactive manner.
Knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position: 1) Knowledge of the biological sciences and scientific principles of wildlife biology, ecology, and conservation; 2) Ability to positively and effectively communicate with stakeholders and coworkers; 3) Demonstrated skill in excellent customer service; 4) Familiarity with nonnative species issues; 5) Ability to work well in a fast-paced work environment and adhere to time constraints; 6) Ability to drive a 4WD truck off-road; 7) Experience working with the public or stakeholder representatives; 8) Ability to troubleshoot and assist the public while communicating over the phone; Desired qualifications include: 1) Experience handling reptiles and amphibians; 2) Experience with wildlife trapping techniques; 3) Experience with public speaking; 4) Demonstrated working knowledge and experience handling and caring for captive wildlife; 5) Ability to identify native and nonnative wildlife in Florida; 6) Ability to multi-task as well as work without close supervision when needed; 7) Computer experience (Google Earth, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and Outlook); 8) Experience operating a motorized boat and driving a trailer; 9) Ability to travel less than 25%. FWC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/ADA Employer. If you require an accommodation to participate in the application / selection process, please contact the hiring authority in advance. LICENSURE, CERTIFICATION OR REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: Valid Florida driver’s license by time of position start date. Apply by going to the following website:
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Daniel Quinn
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