Northern Bobwhite Research Internships (2) Eastern NC

Tall Timbers Research Station
Wilmington, NC
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We are looking for individuals who are interested in assisting with fieldwork associated with an ongoing M.S. project examining survival rates and resource selection of northern bobwhite adults and broods. The research site is located in the North Carolina Coastal Plain near Wilmington, NC. Job responsibilities will include radio-tracking bobwhites, locating nests and broods, assisting with capturing of bobwhite chicks, minimum data entry, and other duties as assigned by the supervisor. Applicants should be prepared to work in adverse weather conditions (heat, humidity, rain) and around biting insects. In addition, applicants should be comfortable with regular heavy lifting (~50 lbs) and a long, irregular work schedule. Internship positions are 16 weeks in length, start and end dates are somewhat flexible. (1) April 15- Aug 5 (1) May 18- Sept 7 Application deadline for April start is 04/01 and application deadline for May start is 05/01. Interviews will be conducted as applications are received.
Applicants should have an interest in game bird ecology and management, and should already have or be working towards a B.S. in wildlife ecology or related field. Previous fieldwork, telemetry and handheld device experience, and ATV experience is beneficial, but not required. Individuals need a valid driver’s license and must have a good driving record. To apply: Please send a cover letter clearly stating your hobbies, research interests, career goals, and the earliest and latest dates available to work. Also, include your resume and a minimum of three references (please state their relationship to you). Combine all documents into one PDF file entitled “LastName_QuailIntern21” and email to
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Sierra Sico
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