Northern Patagonia Volunteer Field Assistant; Critically Endangered Conservation Project

Fundacion Somuncura
Somuncura Plateau, Rio Negro Province, Argentina
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The Somuncura Foundation needs three volunteers from 1 Dec 2022 through 30 Sep 2023 for a conservation project in a recently created protected area which includes the management of two critically endangered species: The El Rincon Stream Frog (Pleurodema somuncurense) and the Naked Characin (Gymnocharacinus bergii) in the Somuncura Plateau, Patagonia, Argentina. We collect information on home range, local movements, habitat use, and reproductive success of critically endangered species in the area. Duties include frog surveys, removal of invasive fish (netting and traps), conducting behavioural observations, and data entry. Volunteers must also help with the daily routines at the biological field station.
Applicants must be responsible, self-disciplined, willing to work hard, self-motivated, tolerant to extreme weather, willing to work in a group, and able to stay at a remote place. Volunteers will live in a rustic cabin 60 km from the nearest town. Spanish-speaking applicants may be preferred but not required. A minimum stay of three weeks within the period will be required, but longer stays are preferred. We provide the required equipment during the fieldwork activities. Volunteers must arrange their own transportation to Valcheta – Rio Negro Province, Argentina. There is no cost to participate, but volunteers must pay a small fee (USD 80 per week) to help cover the cost of lodging at the field. TO APPLY: Send a cover letter, and resume with two references (EM: fundacionsomuncura AT Indicate availability. Individuals interested in applying to this position are strongly advised to check the cost of flights from their native country to Argentina before applying. Feel free to email me for further information. Close Date; Until Filled.
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