One PhD and one Master Research Assistantship in Large River Food Web Ecology – West Virginia

West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
approximately $18,000/yr MS, $21,00/yr PhD plus tuition waiver
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
There are two positions available in the Murry lab, one PhD and one Masters, to work on a state and federally funded project to monitor and help control invasive Asian Carp on the Ohio River and it's tributaries. Although we will focus on monitoring recruitment of Asian Carp, we will also assess community dynamics (fish and zooplankton) across a range of Asian Carp densities to assess their impact on sportfish production and other food web and ecosystem processes. The graduate student body in the WVU Wildlife and Fisheries Resources program is highly social and mutually supportive. The department also hosts a very active chapter of the American Fisheries Society. There are ample resources to be successful and launch a career in fisheries management. Information on the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design: Information on the Wildlife and Fisheries graduate program are here: Information on Dr. Murry (lab page under development):
This project will entail extensive field work under potentially challenging conditions on a boat in a large river setting for extended periods of time, the ability to problem solve and work (and have fun) under adverse conditions is desirable. On the lab and classroom side, strong writing and analytic skills are also desirable. A completed Masters degree is required for the doctoral position and a Bachelors degree for the Masters position. To apply, please send 1) Cover letter, 2) CV, 3) college transcripts, 4) an original scientific writing sample (e.g., manuscript, thesis, term paper, lab report), and 5) contact information for 3 professional references to
Contact Person
Brent Murry
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