Open Graduate Student Positions in Ant Organismal and Evolutionary Biology

University of Texas at Tyler
Tyler, Texas
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
$18,000 per year (19.5 hours per week) plus partial tuition remission
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Research focus: 1-2 highly motivated graduate students (MS-level) are sought to conduct research on the biology of ants and their symbionts. We employ a variety of methods including descriptive and experimental approaches, along with biochemical, physiological, bioinformatics, molecular and microbial techniques. Projects could range from phylogeography/population genetics to functional ecology and experimental studies. There is considerable flexibility for projects within this broad theme. Student projects are tailored to interest and career objectives. Ongoing project include but are not limited to: • Ant-fungal-bacterial interactions of North American Trachymyrmex ants • Ecology of Ant-Soil Interactions • Thermal Ecology of North American Trachymyrmex ants For a list of peer-reviewed articles produced by lab members, see here: Preferred applicants will have earned a Bachelor’s degree and exhibit equal enthusiasm for field-based work, experimentation, molecular ecology and bioinformatics.
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree and qualifying GPA and GRE scores. It is useful to have prior research experience, but not necessary. Most important is identifying your own research interests that are consistent with the ongoing research in our lab.
Contact Person
Jon Seal
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