OPS Environmental Scientist II, Crystal River Florida

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Crystal River, FL
Job Category
Full time Positions
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The OPS Environmental Specialist II position is assigned to execute several continuous monitoring programs to monitor total algae, fluorescent dissolved organic matter, hypoxia, salinity change, turbidity, and other parameters of emerging and/or local concern at 15-minute intervals within these Aquatic Preserves, also seagrass and macro-algae monitoring, water quality, marine debris removal, and other resource monitoring. You will also coordinate with internal and external partners and regional aquatic preserves to assist with resource monitoring programs and data collection. You will also promote and facilitate visiting scientist research for identifying and quantifying causes of habitat loss, harmful algal blooms, and fish kills. This position is field-oriented concentrating primarily on water chemistry and seagrasses in the Big Bend Region. Persons applying for this position should be comfortable working in marine environments and in inclement weather conditions. This job is Full-Time OPS, the position is scheduled for one year with the potential to be extended.
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Knowledge of estuarine and marine ecology and the dynamics of how those ecosystems function regarding the interaction of physical, chemical, and biological components. Knowledge of the procedures, techniques and equipment used in a scientific laboratory. Knowledge of field techniques involving the sampling of physical, chemical, and biological parameters. Ability to use R and RStudio to manage and analyze large water quality datasets is required. Skill with other programming languages such as SQL, Python, etc. in order to write and/or use programming scripts for data analysis and management and to automate workflows is preferred. Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and written. Ability to work collaboratively with others to achieve a singular goal. Skill and experience with public speaking to a wide and diverse audience Minimum Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in one of the biological, aquatic, marine, or environmental sciences The ability to swim and snorkel, sometimes in conditions with low visibility and strong currents. Experience in the field with operating and trailering of boats is required. The ability to safely lift and carry items up to 50 lbs. A valid driver’s license Preferred Qualifications: Experience with data analysis, more specifically seagrass communities and associated environmental data sets Experience in report and scientific peer-reviewed writing Experience working with YSI EXO data sonde platforms.
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