OPS Environmental Specialist III: Tallahassee, Florida

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Tallahassee, Florida
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Full time Positions
$22.34 hourly (commensurate with experience)
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The duties of this position involve specialized professional environmental work performing data quality assessment, data interpretation, and related quality assessment activities. This position requires a technical background in the environmental and chemical sciences with specific focus on Quality Assurance (QA) protocols of environmental measurement systems, as well as well-developed communication skills. Consults with programs throughout the Department on issues concerning the appropriateness and quality of scientific information generated for environmental decision-making. Includes interaction with Department program managers and QA officers on issues related to their QA activities and data quality assessments. Assists in annual compilation of Department QA activities and goals. Participates in field and lab audits. Assists in the preparation and/or review of DEP SOPs and other documents for field and laboratory procedures. Participates in the organization and delivery of QA training activities, including but not limited to, DEP Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) training. Assists in the preparation of training materials, including training videos for DEP and non-DEP audiences. Gives presentations to technical and non-technical audiences. Conducts environmental field sampling as needed, using a wide array of highly sophisticated water chemistry, sediment, and bioassessment methods for a variety of projects including, but not limited to, water quality standards development, use attainability analysis, biological assessment development, and site specific alternative criteria analysis following standard DEP protocols and QA procedures. Provides scientific review, evaluation, and interpretation of chemical and biological data and reports in support of Section, Program and Division projects, and makes recommendations to assist DEP programs.
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: • Knowledge of Quality Assurance (QA) principles, including field, laboratory, and data validation activities. • Knowledge of environmental field sampling techniques, terminology, principles, and methodologies. • Ability to collect water quality and biological samples while in harsh environments while following strict QA procedures. • Knowledge of computer software programs including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. • Ability to provide scientific review, evaluation, and interpretation of chemical and biological data. • Ability to write and edit environmental assessment reports. • Ability to give presentations to a variety of audiences. • Ability to work in teams and communicate effectively orally and in writing. • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others. • Ability to organize workloads, work independently, and solve problems. • Ability to travel, including long days and overnight travel. • Ability to drive and maintain a valid driver’s license. Minimum Qualifications: • Bachelor’s degree in natural, environmental, biological, or physical sciences from an accredited university or college and 2 years of relevant experience; OR Master’s degree in natural, environmental, biological, or physical sciences from an accredited university or college and 1 year of relevant experience; OR PhD in natural, environmental, biological or physical sciences from an accredited university or college; OR 5 years of relevant experience. • Valid Driver’s license. • Travel Preferred Qualifications: • Knowledge of the DEP SOPs, Chapter 62-160, F.A.C., and NELAC standards. • Ability to conduct field and laboratory audits. • Experience in evaluating, analyzing, and interpreting scientific or technical data. • Ability to provide attention to detail and complete tasks efficiently.
Contact Person
Sarah Noble
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