OPS Fisheries and Wildlife Biological Scientist II: Florida

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Sunrise, Florida
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Full time Positions
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Description of Position: The Nonnative Fish and Wildlife Program within the Wildlife Impact Management Section of the FWC’s Division of Habitat and Species Conservation (HSC) is seeking an energetic and motivated candidate to serve as a Nonnative Fish and Wildlife Biologist II. Primary responsibilities of this position focus on nonnative fish and wildlife surveys including Burmese python surveys and safe capture, husbandry of invasive pythons and other snakes used for training and outreach, verifying morphometrics of Burmese pythons removed from the wild by Python Action Team contractors, collecting and entering data into databases, QA/QC of data, using phone applications and GIS tools to manage contractor data, and assisting the Interagency Python Management Coordinator with summarizing results of the contractor program or other programmatic needs. Additional responsibilities may include assisting with Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) for high priority nonnative fish and wildlife, conducting field work with nonnative fish and wildlife projects, and to a lesser extent assisting in nonnative fish and wildlife outreach events or trainings, such as Python Patrol and the Florida Python Challenge®. This position also provides support to other Nonnative Fish and Wildlife Program initiatives as needed. The incumbent will be required to travel throughout the state (primarily South region) to work with contractors, respond to occasional EDRR efforts, and assist with field projects and outreach events. The incumbent should be able to work with a team and independently. Primary duties will include: - Conducting field work to survey for and capture wild Burmese pythons or other nonnative fish and wildlife; - Conducting husbandry of outreach and training animals; - Assisting with management of the Python Action Team contractor program; QA/QC of data; - Organizing and entering data for the Nonnative Fish and Wildlife Program into a database; - Humane killing of nonnative fish and wildlife; - Assisting the Interagency Python Management Coordinator and the Python Management Specialist as needed. This position will include driving throughout the South region, working as part of a team, working independently, and requires an ability to trouble-shoot situations. Additional duties may include: - Assisting with EDRR efforts for nonnative fish and wildlife; - Assisting with invasive species removal, population assessment and field work; - Documenting activities in written summary reports using basic statistical analyses, graphs, and tables; - Assisting with trainings on nonnative fish and wildlife issues; - Assisting with nonnative fish and wildlife outreach events; - Conducting other activities and tasks as necessary to support HSC staff in the region; - Responding to other wildlife conflict issues as needed. The incumbent is also responsible for other miscellaneous duties as assigned by supervisor. In carrying out duties of this position, the incumbent is expected at all times to be aware and abide by the Commission's standards of conduct, as well as any and all Commission rules, directives, policies, procedures, and/or general orders applicable to performing the duties of this position. It is expected that all FWC employees courteously assist Commission constituents to resolve questions or problems they may have on matters relating to the Commission, its programs, or fish and wildlife conservation in general; and garner public support for agency objectives and programs by serving Florida's citizens in a positive and proactive manner.
Minimum Qualifications: Minimum: A Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences with 2 years of experience. A valid Florida driver’s license required. Knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position: - Knowledge of the biological sciences and scientific principles of wildlife biology, ecology, and conservation; - Computer experience with MS Word, PowerPoint and MS Excel; - Demonstrated ability to work regularly in field conditions; - Demonstrated working knowledge and experience handling and caring for captive wildlife; - Ability to positively and effectively communicate with stakeholders and coworkers; - Demonstrated skill in excellent customer service; - Familiarity with nonnative species issues; - Ability to work well in a fast-paced work environment and adhere to time constraints; - Ability to drive a 4WD truck. Desired qualifications include: - Experience with Survey123 and other smart device applications; - Experience with ArcGIS and Google Earth; - Ability to multi-task as well as work without close supervision when needed; - Knowledge of nonnative fish and wildlife issues in Florida; - Experience handling potentially dangerous wildlife; - Experience with public speaking; - Ability to travel less than 25%. LICENSURE, CERTIFICATION OR REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: Valid Florida driver’s license In addition to submitting a completed state application via People First, applicants are required to submit a current resumé and cover letter highlighting their qualifications and expressing their interest in the position. Cover letters and resumes should be uploaded to the People First System. Applications without a cover letter and resume are deemed incomplete and will not be considered.
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McKayla Spencer
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