OPS Fisheries & Wildlife Biological Scientist II – Florida

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Punta GOrda Florida
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$15.43 an hour
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Description of duties: Position is responsible for monitoring Florida bonneted bats (FBB) at Babcock-Webb WMA in Punta Gorda. Responsibilities include: maintaining automatic PIT tag readers, assisting with bat capture activities, conducting emergence counts, monitoring and maintenance of bat houses, identifying and monitoring natural roosts, and helping to summarize and analyze data. Provides recommendations and participates in the WMA’s wildlife habitat management activities including prescribed burning, mechanical actions, chemical applications, timber management and data collection. Assists in the development of WMA projects by ensuring compliance with federal and state standards for the endangered FBB. Interacts professionally with the public, partners, and agency staff by providing accurate information concerning wildlife, area conditions, and rules and regulations. Attends regional and divisional meetings and training programs necessitating occasional travel. Supervises the use of volunteers and guarded inmate work crew. Position is responsible for entering data, managing large electronic data sets, and providing periodic data summaries. PIT tag and bat house data collection is the primary duty, but opportunities may exist for well-qualified persons to contribute to study design, initiate additional research, analyze data, and contribute to internal reports and peer-reviewed publications. Rate of Pay: $1,234.18 biweekly Broadband code: 19-1023-2 Class code: 5028 Region: SW Title: OPS - Fisheries and Wildlife Biological Scientist II County: Charlotte Working hours: 40 hrs. Residency requirement: None. List of any subordinates supervised: NA Level of Education-: BS; MS preferred (a specific degree in wildlife management/science/conservation/ecology is strongly recommended). The State of Florida is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action Employer, and does not tolerate discrimination or violence in the workplace. Posting Closing Date: 08/24/2017 Position number: 77902458 Address: Fred C. Babcock/Cecil M. Webb Wildlife Management Area 29200 Tuckers Grade Punta Gorda, FL 33955. Supervisor: Jennifer Myers
Level of Education-: BS; MS preferred (a specific degree in wildlife management/science/conservation/ecology is strongly recommended). Knowledge Skills and Abilities: Applicants should possess a B.S. degree, preferably in wildlife biology or similar field, and have experience working with bats. Should have experience climbing Swedish ladders to a height of 15-30’, bat handling, capturing and PIT-tagging bats, maintaining data loggers, using bat detectors, radio telemetry and acoustic analysis tools. Knowledge of bat biology, conservation, and species ID is preferred. Experience with MS Excel or Access, ArcGIS, and database management also is preferred. Applicants should be prepared to work alone after dark 1-3 evenings per week in rugged field conditions, including driving in wet conditions to remote locations in the dark. Applicants should have strong organizational and communication skills, and can work cooperatively with diverse colleagues, partners, landowners, and citizens. A valid driver’s license and ability to drive 4WD vehicles is required.
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Jeff McGrady
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