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The Outdoor Education Director (OED) is responsible for development, delivery, and management of high-quality nature programs at Camp Ocean Pines. The OED directs two existing programs--our residential outdoor education program for schools, and the onsite UC California Naturalist program--and is responsible to develop more programs; the position assists in the delivery of our Summer Camp, Family Camp, Group Rental, and Workshop programs. As a member of the management team, the OED shares responsibility for overall Camp operations and success. The OED has responsibilities in staff hiring and supervision, fiscal management and budgeting, marketing, customer/ guest relations (primarily with schools), program development, program management, animal care, and other areas. The position has direct program responsibility from late August to early June, and supports other programs in June to August. Essential Functions: * Must be able to perform the following functions unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation: * Develop, deliver, and maintain outdoor, environmental, and nature programs; programs must give attention to safety and risk management, high quality, contain culturally relevant curricula, scientifically literate, and be attractive and useful for clients. * In alignment with Camp mission and strategic goals, develop curricula that incorporate fun, engaging activities demonstrating ecological concepts, natural history, group and self-esteem building, and development of leadership skills. * Stay informed on current pedagogy, California state curriculum standards, and trends in the field of outdoor environmental education, and update assigned programs appropriately * Recruit, hire, train, supervise, and mentor naturalist staff and volunteers to deliver assigned programs * Acquire, organize, and maintain necessary supplies and materials for assigned programs * Maintain nature center permits, collections, teaching tools, live animal ambassadors (non-venomous snakes, lizards, birds of prey, marine touch-tank creatures, and others), and greenhouse/garden * Create and maintain the budgets for assigned programs * Market assigned programs to gain and retain new schools and clients, with a goal of extensive year round nature opportunities for all ages * Schedule and contract clients, and maintain communications to ensure compliance with payment schedules * Support clients in their communications about our programs; this includes advice on fundraising, effective parent information, school presentations, and other activities deemed necessary * Ensure that programs and schools are effectively oriented and coordinated while a program is onsite * Increase and maintain Camp and program reputation with agencies and organizations in the field of outdoor education, recreation, and the like (ACA, AEOE, CSTA, etc.) * Help establish and maintain health and safety policies, standards, procedures, and practices of Camp Ocean Pines; interpret and integrate them into assigned programs * Communicate effectively with guests and staff from a range of ages, backgrounds, and lived experiences * Walk over rough terrain in a variety of weather conditions; kayak in ocean conditions *Other duties as assigned by Camp Ocean Pines Other Duties & Responsibilities: * Consistently provide friendly courteous assistance, including building and maintaining healthy professional relationships with students, teachers, parents, staff and guests. * Support Summer Camp, Family Camp, Group Rentals, and Workshops as assigned * As a member of the management team, share in oversight of and provide support to all programs and operations * Assist in philanthropic, fundraising, and community outreach efforts of Camp. * Support and contribute to a safe, clean environment for all guests and staff. * This job description is subject to change at any time.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (required): * Must be 21+ years old. * 2+ years experience in youth development, outdoor education, classroom teaching, and/or engaging low-income and students of color, at least 1+ years of which have been in a management and/or supervisory role * Current First Aid/CPR certification prior to start date * Current California Food Handlers certificate prior to start date * Successfully complete a background check and LiveScan fingerprints * English-language oral and written communication skills * Competency with computers; Google suite preferred * Maintain a positive attitude in complex situations after working long hours * Comfortable giving and receiving feedback * Adjust quickly to changes with open mind and flexibility * Recognize and respond to emergency situations * Proof of completed COVID-19 vaccinations, or a negative COVID-19 diagnostic lab test result within three days of start date and continued testing at regular intervals after start * A commitment to the goals and philosophy of Camp Ocean Pines * A commitment to equity and inclusion, and creating a positive community work culture * Valid US driver's license and a good driving record Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (preferred): * Bachelor’s degree in science, experiential education, recreation, or equivalent * Experience in trauma-informed, culturally relevant, and culturally responsive teaching * Lifeguarding, ropes course certification, advanced first aid qualifications all a plus * Experience with various technical platforms, such as Campsite management and Canva. * California Class-B Drivers License * Conversational or better skill in a language other than English (especially Spanish or ASL) * Experience in handling live animals (raptors especially), caring for live animals (primarily reptiles and raptors), and/or maintaining marine touch tanks * One or more seasons of experience working with a residential outdoor education program Please fill out an application at http://campoceanpines.org/jobs-at-camp
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