Outdoor Science Instructor: South Hamilton, MA

Kestrel Educational Adventures
650 Asbury Street, South Hamilton, MA
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$20 per hour
Last Date to Apply
20-40 Hours Per Week (Flexible, we will consider a candidate seeking either a part time or full time position and position can be adjusted to suit). The position is expected to begin at full speed in late March, 2022. However, we do have a need for an instructor who can begin teaching 1-2 afternoons a week in February, and possibly help with some small animal care. We will consider candidates whether or not they are available to begin in February. The Program Instructor will design and lead outdoor science adventures for kids in K-12th grade at outdoor-sites throughout the North Shore. Several classes may be offered indoors or have an indoor component, and we will consider instructor comfort level when assigning instructors to indoor or outdoor classes. We teach natural science and adventure education through direct, student centered investigations in the natural world, and creative projects. Our approach is to use connection to small local wild places and to plants and animals as touch points for understanding science, building community, and nurturing emotional health. All our programs are focused on original observations, thoughtful understanding, and students’ ideas. We are silly and playful and also very serious about learning and teaching. This position runs from March through June, with a possible extension through the summer for candidates with survival/outdoor skills and lifeguard certification. The hours are flexible and will be discussed during the (virtual) interview phase. All hours are on weekdays. Start and end times are variable depending on the day and on what programs are running that day. Days may begin as 7am and may end as late as 7pm, as we need to accommodate both in school and afterschool programs with a small staff. All hours will be paid for, and instructors' preferences for days and hours are taken into account when we schedule programs. The spring season involves working primarily with school and homeschool groups, throughout Cape Ann and the North Shore, as well as teaching outdoor skills and conservation club afterschool programs. The summer season involves co-instructing camp programs, including a naturalist and outdoor survival summer camp. Some programs may be one hour and occur only once, while others will involve working with groups regularly throughout the semester. All programs are custom tailored to the audience. Kestrel takes covid prevention protocols very seriously. All instructors must be fully vaccinated against covid, with boosters as scheduled, and masks are required inside at all times unless alone. The office has two powerful air purifiers as well. KN95 masks are provided. Principal Duties and Responsibilities: Collaborate with other education staff to custom -build experiential science and nature programs for schools and other groups Facilitate outdoor, in person ecology programs for students in preschool through high school, to be custom designed for each group Potentially teach occasional programs indoors, such as project components of outdoor experiences. Cultivate students’ science process skills and ecological literacy; mentoring them to ask and answer questions, and to use direct observation, analytical thinking, and collaborative design to do so Facilitate the development of outdoor skills such as fire crafting, compass navigation, and shelter building, using our ForestBook Skills Tracker. Maintain excellent group management and build a strong learning culture that values ideas, creativity, real science, and inclusion Care for student physical and emotional safety in outdoor settings Travel to sites to instruct programs, in your own vehicle Pack up supplies from our office and storage shed, and thoroughly clean, disinfect, and organize them when finished using them Daily care of two young rare turtles we are raising for a recovery program Participate fully in preparation and thorough debrief of each day of classes Other relevant tasks as needed
Undergraduate or advanced degree in education or environmental field, or equivalent experience CPR/First Aid current certification, lifeguarding certificate preferred but not required Strong knowledge of New England Natural History, or the natural history of a similar region. We strongly prefer a candidate who has an area of expertise or at least basic comfort with natural history. (Ability to recognize and identify at least some categories of local organisms) 2 or more years experience teaching children in classroom and/or field settings, or experience as a field naturalist or field biologist along with a natural affinity for education and a high comfort level instructing groups of young children Experience teaching in - depth, cumulative science skills and natural history, ideally using essential questions and adapting lessons to students’ ideas, interests, skills, and spontaneous events in nature. Willingness to relinquish some predictability and control in favor of authentic student voice and genuine inquiry Trust in children’s ability to construct learning and meaning for themselves with guidance, and ability to provide flexible enough learning experiences to allow them to do so Comfort handling small, harmless wildlife, including insects, amphibians, and reptiles. A supportive and non-punitive approach to group and behavior management. Ability to provide structure and boundaries to students to support positive behaviors Ability to carry up to 30 pounds, and to walk uphill on or off trails up to 2 miles a day, in all weather (though we rarely walk more than a mile on any school program) Strong concern for the natural environment and an interest in working towards its protection by educating young people An appreciation of all living things and the natural environment, and a hardy willingness to properly prepare for and enjoy outdoor explorations in any weather Your own reliable vehicle with ample empty space for transporting teaching equipment, and a clean driver's license. (We pay for your mileage and hours to and from job sites, starting from the office) Ready willingness to accept both positive and constructive feedback, and to be part of a culture that values supportive feedback and constant professional growth for all Ability to teach and make decisions as part of a collaborative team Enthusiasm for the process of teaching and willingness to be a reflective educator, constantly fine tuning your skills and lesson plans
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