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Summary: The principal function of the committee is to increase EcoWB capacity to develop new and existing eco-projects (see page 2, what is an eco-project), bridging knowledge gaps and helping project makers connect with our community of volunteers. The roles of the committee are conducting outreach to recruit potential project makers, serving as a liaison between project maker teams and EcoWB by helping to navigate the EcoWB project development process from LOI to active status, and helping the project teams recruit volunteer team members from within and external to EcoWB.. Committee membership will require training on the EcoWB model, standards and policies, LOI review process and project development techniques. Members will need to become experts in all manner of EcoWB project operations to be able to effectively recruit and liaise with third-parties. Experienced committee members will have the opportunity to join project teams matching their knowledge background, shape our approach to eco-project development, network with our growing global community of ecologists, and connect to innovative ideas and areas for research. Committee functions: ● Serve as the liaison between project makers and the EcoWB project team. ● Identify ideal organizations to propose projects to EcoWB and serve as their point-of-contact to help them apply. ● Conduct outreach to third-party organizations on behalf of EcoWB to develop partnerships which may lead to new projects and volunteer recruitment ● Develop educational and outreach materials supporting potential project makers and potential volunteers to apply EcoWB policy and guidelines in their roles ● Review/Evaluate LOI’s for soundness, compliance with our standards and strategic areas of interest as needed ● Review and approve new volunteer positions generated by EcoWB project teams (after LOI approval) Requirements and responsibilities: ● Receive training from the Volunteer Coordinator and study existing EcoWB materials ( 3-5 meetings to review study material, and practice, followed by joint working sessions with fellow volunteers and coordinators) ● Maintain at least one on-going assignment/project ● Respond to emails from potential project team/applicants, and from EcoWB Operations Coordinator promptly ● Communicate long periods of unavailability to the coordinator ● Contribute to the new project bank and talent bank outreach lists ● Help us improve Volunteering for EcoWB: -At EcoWB we are looking to connect scientific and technical volunteers to meaningful work on eco-projects. We are working professionals, students, retirees, and otherwise busy, driven people that strive to create a flexible remote-working environment which fosters collaboration and creativity. EcoWB takes a give-what -you-can approach, flexibly exchanging time and knowledge with others in the network. To succeed at EcoWB we need volunteers who want to help us build a new approach to applied ecological service work. Doing so will require volunteers to be engaged for the long-term, and to be consistent, reliable and responsive. -Volunteer positions will involve networking, building capacity with our partners and building new skills in your own career. We aspire that all positions are mutually beneficial to both the volunteer’s professional success and the success of our eco-projects. You will find mentorship opportunities and opportunities to develop your leadership skills.
Work commitment: Active committee members will attend a monthly coordination call, and should be able to donate at least 8 hours of their time/month for training, liasson, networking, or writing. All volunteers are encouraged to avoid burnout by taking extended breaks (going inactive), which can be arranged with the volunteer coordinator. Desired qualifications and skills for committee members: Successful committee members will enjoy shepherding great ideas through the many hurdles eco-projects face to become successful, active projects. They are also effective remote workers, capable of speaking one-on-one with project creators (clients) from diverse backgrounds, and can innovate to help EcoWB meet the project creator needs. Committee members will have experience working in project teams, developing projects, and collaborating remotely with peers.
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Trevor Eakes
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