Oyster/Phytoplankton Ecologist; Galveston, Texas

Marine Biology Department, Texas A&M University
Galveston, Texas
Job Category
Post Doctoral Appointments
$50,000 or commensurate with experinece
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
A postdoctoral research position is available in the Department of Marine Biology at Texas A&M University Galveston conducting applied estuarine research examining how phytoplankton-oyster dynamics can be leveraged to minimize eutrophication. There is also room for the researcher to address related basic science questions in her/their/his area of interest. The core project will examine whether phytoplankton capable of controlling nutrient pollution from sewage effluent would be suitable to support the growth of shoreline oyster reefs, including estimating the methods and scale of projects that could benefit from these interactions. This project will enable focused research leveraging natural processes to solve coastal problems in cost-effective, ecosystem-enhancing ways. As such, applicants should have interest in applied coastal/estuarine ecology and demonstrated expertise in phytoplankton-nutrient dynamics, oyster reef ecology, and/or closely related fields. The candidate will be supervised by Dr. Laura Jurgens and Dr. Daniel Roelke. This is a two-year position, contingent upon research progress. The postdoc will conduct original research, lead publications, and contribute to the development of grant proposals. This is a foundation-funded project and may also include making presentations to stakeholders.
Ph.D. degree in field of study
Contact Person
Dr. Jurgens (jurgensL@tamug.edu) or Dr. Roelke (droelke@tamu.edu)
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