Paid Internship in Avian Ecology ~ Florida

Archbold Biological Station
Lake Placid, FL
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$245 per week + on-site housing
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PAID INTERNSHIP IN AVIAN ECOLGY March through August 2021 (exact dates flexible) conducting point count surveys and habitat quality assessments. This position is with the Archbold Biological Station’s Avian Ecology Program and Agroecology Program, based at Archbold’s Buck Island Ranch in central Florida. Buck Island Ranch is a 10,500 acre operational cattle ranch and experimental field station, with a research focus in applied ecology. We are part of the Long-Term Agroecosystem Research Network (LTAR, US-wide). The intern will spend 20 hours per week conducting bird surveys (point count and transect), habitat quality assessments, and data entry. In their remaining time the intern will work with senior scientific staff (primarily Dr. Angela Tringali, supported by Dr. Elizabeth Boughton and Dr. Reed Bowman) to develop and complete an independent research project. The project will culminate with a final report and oral presentation (webinar format). Archbold internships are excellent preparation for those intending to pursue graduate school (see "The Postbac: One or two years that make careers," in Science Careers, from the 10 Aug. 2007 issue of Science). Interns receive a $245 weekly stipend (subject to Social Security and Medicare deductions) and on-site lodging in a 2 or 4 bedroom house (no pets, no smoking, shared living space, private bedroom). The ranch is located in rural south central Florida, 7 miles from Archbold Biological Station, 16 miles to the nearest grocery store and 19 miles from town, 5 miles of which is on an unpaved road. Applicants should be enthusiastic about living and working on a rural field station and cattle ranch in shared housing. A personal vehicle is recommended for the intern’s convenience, but is not required for the job or considered during hiring. The intern will comply with Archbold’s covid-19 prevention guidelines, which may include a mandatory quarantine on site for two weeks (paid) and wearing masks in indoor work spaces. Archbold is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from members of groups underrepresented in ecology and agroecology. Additional information on internships at Archbold Biological Station, Buck Island Ranch, and LTAR can be found at the following webpages:
Applicants must • Have a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Biology, Ecology, Wildlife Science, or a related field • Identify birds by song and have experience conducting bird surveys • Work independently in the field, unsupervised • Diligently follow protocols and enter data accurately • Maintain focus in the field during early mornings in order to detect elusive birds • Conduct field work in high heat and humidity and tolerate biting insects • Have a valid driver’s license and US citizenship or a US work visa To apply, please send a single pdf titled with your surname that includes: (1) a cover letter detailing your relevant experience, research interests as they pertain to this internship, and how this internship will help you achieve your professional goals; (2) a resume or CV that includes the names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of three references; (3) unofficial transcripts to Dr. Angela Tringali (atringali AT Please indicate 'LTAR Bird Internship' in the subject heading of your email. Applications must be submitted before November 9, 2020.
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Dr. Angela Tringali
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