Paid Wyoming Internship in Outdoor Education

Natrona County School District, Casper Mountain Science Program
CMSP is located on Casper Mountain, at an elevation of 8000 feet, approximately 25 minutes south of Casper. The program operates out of a Girl Scout lodge rented by the school district.
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3200 for 15 weeks, lodging is included. Food is provided when student's stay overnight (approximately 1/4 of the semester).
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Casper Mountain Science Program (CMSP) interns are instructors for small groups (5-15 students) of Natrona County School District students visiting our campus on Casper Mountain. CMSP offers both day and residential (overnight) programs. School groups visiting range from early elementary to high school, but students are typically between 4th and 8th grade. Interns will teach lessons designed to meet the needs of the classroom teacher and based on the Wyoming State Science Standards. While some lessons and activities are taught indoors, a significant portion of the teaching is done in the field. When in the outdoor environment, interns will be exposed to inclement weather, uneven terrain, and potentially dangerous plants and wildlife. Extra safety precautions and an awareness of the surroundings are required. Most work with students is done Monday through Thursday, with additional training and programs in schools done on Fridays. The hours per day vary depending on the type of program we are providing, and interns may occasionally be on duty with students when they stay overnight. "Homework," readings, and other side projects are regularly assigned. On rare occasion, weekends and holidays may be required, but most weekends provide opportunities to explore the outdoor recreation opportunities on Casper Mountain and around the state of Wyoming.
We hire outdoor enthusiasts who are interested in exploring place based science education while improving their teaching skills. Interns are typically (but not always) recent college graduates with majors in science, k-12 education, outdoor education, environmental studies, or related fields. Some experience working with k-12 students is preferred but not required. Minimum age required is 18. An interest in environmental science and place based education is a must. This is a two part application. First, apply online at Look at the top banner of the site and click on "Careers." Look under "Apply for Vacancies" and click on "View by Location." Job will be posted under Casper Mountain Science Program as "Intern." Also, please upload a resume and letter of interest with your application, and/or send these two items to Carolyn Jacobs at
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Carolyn Jacobs
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