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Foundation Echo
Bonaire Caribbean Netherlands
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Echo is a small NGO. Volunteers are expected to fund international travel and their food ($75-$100/week) once here.
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Do you have a passion for Parrots? Are you interested in contributing to science and conservation? Have you got experience in caring for animals? If you answer yes to these questions, there could be a volunteer position for you with Echo on the Caribbean island of Bonaire. This position will entail assisting our field team in the preparation and coordination of an annual parrot population census - the roost count. This one day event takes place on the last Saturday of January every year and we need your help to make it a success in 2023! A roost is a location where groups of parrots gather at dusk to spend the night. They tend to prefer valleys of a slightly higher elevation where they can receive both shelter from the wind and protection in large trees. In the early morning hours, just after sunrise, the parrots will fly out -- screaming loudly -- and disappear toward feeding areas. This is when the roost count is conducted. A typical day will start early (pre-dawn) with confirming the presence of historic roost sites or identifying new ones - parrots are highly mobile and roosts may change year-to-year. Access to points of observation can be difficult, so you will also help with blazing and marking trailes or maintaining existing ones. After that you will return to our Dos Pos Conservation Center to help with feeding the captive birds at 7am and helping with any cleaning, maintenance or improvements needed for the aviaries. The team will take a break mid-day before returning to field work in late afternoon/evening, depending on the schedule. Depending on the unpredictable arrival of rescued birds, you may also get to take part in a release, or receiving new birds into the aviaries. You will also have the opportunity to be involved in other research, conservation or outreach activities, depending on Echo’s activities while you are here. NOTE: While you will generally be within earshot of the parrots, these birds are not pets and contact with the birds will be limited. Before applying please download and read through our prospective volunteer background information to learn more about our field camp and team living conditions: Start date: Immediate start possible, otherwise indicate your availability Duration: A minimum of four weeks and up to 3 months is possible Application process: Find out more about Echo:
Applicants must be highly motivated, punctual as well as physically and mentally fit. You should also be prepared to live in basic accommodations in a group setting (outdoor living with cold showers and solar power in a remote location). Or, you may opt to cover your own living and transport expenses while on the island.
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Julianka Clarenda
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